25 Fun DIY Ideas For Your 4th Of July Celebrations.


Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

It's hard to believe we're already in the middle of summer and the season's biggest national holiday is coming up: Fourth of July! It's a great reason to throw a party to celebrate America's independence! If you're hosting a Fourth of July party this year, impress your guests by making it festive! Check out the DIY projects below to help you get started.Transform empty glass bottles into patriotic centerpieces with a little bit of washi tape, paint, twine and stickers!
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Red, White, and Blue Toothpicks

Even something simple as a festive toothpick will make your appetizers and desserts look more themed! Just add some tinsel pompoms and patterned flags to some plain toothpicks and you're good to go.
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Ombre Wreath

Wreaths aren't strictly for end of the year holidays, they're appropriate all year round. You can recreate this festive wreath by putting together an assortment of fabric scraps.
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July 4th Layered Drinks

Keep it PG with these mocktails that are just as tasty. Just layer blue Gatorade on top of Sobe pina colada on top of cranberry juice and voila! Be sure to let your guests do all the stirring.
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Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a delicious ice cream sandwich on a hot day. Make them festive by rolling them around in red, white and blue sprinkles and tada!
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Balloon Dart Game

The best addition to any party: a group activity that anyone can participate in. Create a wall of treat-filled balloons that people can pop with darts!

Brownie Flag

What's a better way of decorating your home than with desserts?! You get to kill two birds with one stone with this delicious brownie. To make it even more impressive, include 50 blueberries for each state!
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Star Spangled Banner

Decorate a mantle in your home with this star spangled banner! All you need is burlap, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, ribbon, and twine.
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Lollipop Bouquet

Put together this easy-to-make bouquet of blue and red lollipops for a sweet centerpiece everyone will love, especially the kids.
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Flag Lanterns

You can use pickle jars, mason jars, any jars for this project! Purchase some cheap miniature flags from Target or the dollar store and attach them to the jars with adhesive tape. Place a candle inside and voila!
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Plastic Cup Twirlers

No garland will be easier to make than this one! All you need to do is cut up regular disposable plastic cups into these cool spirals.
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Patriotic Utensils

Spice up your plastic utensils by adding some festive washi tape to them! All you have to do is pick out the tape and apply it to the utensils!

Striped Lanterns

Add these super affordable white orbs to any tree and it'll automatically turn it into a national monument. Be sure to add red, white and blue ribbons to the middle of the orbs as well!

Paper Pinwheels

If you've got a party with a lot of kids, it's probably best to skip the sparklers this year. However, you can replace them with these festive pinwheels instead!
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Bandanna Cushions

Soften everyone's seat with these festive pillow covers that you don't have to sew! Simply place a pillow between two bandannas and then tie each corner with a rubber band! You can then hide the rubber bands with ribbon.

American Flag Backdrop

Providing a nice colorful backdrop at a party is always great for guests who want to take photos to remember the event by. You can recreate this flag backdrop with various fabric strips.
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String Lights

The best Fourth of July parties are the ones that last all the way into the night. Keep your party going with these festive lights that are composed out of red, white and blue yarn.

American Flag Cupcakes

Recreate these flag cupcakes from store bought cupcakes! Simply use a knife to remove the excess frosting so that you're left with a flat top. Cut out strips of red fruit roll-ups to create the flag stripes and use blueberries for the stars.
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Firework Salt Painting

Do you need to keep a group of kids occupied at your Fourth of July party? Provide this fun salt painting activity! Simply use Elmer's glue to design fireworks, sprinkle over it with salt and then paint away.
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Patriotic Play Dough

Or you can provide play dough for the kids to play with! Keep it festive by offering it in red, white and blue.
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Firecracker Jell-O Cups

You can make these virgin or add a little alcohol into them for the adults. Layer red, white and blue Jell-o (with a cherry on top) on top of each other to make these little gems.
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Red White and Blue Strawberry Jell-O Shots

We've all heard of the traditional Jell-o shots, but have you heard of strawberry Jell-o shots? Instead of in a mini cup, the Jell-o goes into a half cut strawberry along with some milk or cream and it's absolutely delectable.
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Patriotic Puppy Chow

If you've got dogs at your house, help keep them in the festive mood too by offering them this patriotic puppy chow!
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Cardboard Tube Rocket Ships

Here's another fun activity for the kids at the party! Using cardboard tubes and a few other simple materials, they can create rocket ships.
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Ribbon Wand

Make your Fourth of July party even more festive by providing these ribbon wands! All you need are dowel rods, thin ribbon, screw eye hooks and scissors.
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