25 Affordable DIY Projects That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Million Bucks.

25 Affordable DIY Projects That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Million Bucks. April 28, 2017

When it comes to home decor, the kitchen often gets the short end of the stick. Instead of simply focusing on the living room or the bedrooms, move your focus into the kitchen with these adorable and simple DIYs. As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” **Why not make it look great?** We are loving the genius of #17…which idea is your favorite?By covering the surface of your fridge with chalkboard paint, you can add intricate designs, funny messages, and even a grocery list.

Add a strip of paper painted with chalkboard paint to some repurposed jars to hold baking ingredients and dry good.

This a great idea for those who have a lot of wall space, but not a lot of kitchen storage. The yellow adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Why have boring spoons when you can have an ombre display of awesomeness at your cooking disposal?

All it takes is a magnet popped into the side of the container, perfect for holding up grocery lists and storing pencils.

Check out the DIY below to learn how to turn your linen tea towels into a minimalist kitchen accessory.

If you’re into bold patterns, try wallpapering the front and sides of your friends to make it the focal point of your kitche.

Mixers like this look pretty coo lalready,, but by using vinyl wallpaper, you can decorate your mixer with a design that makes it feel all your own.

Modernize your kitchen by losing the cabinets in favor of metal and wooden exposed shelves.

This will keep all your spices in one place and organized. You can even label the bottom of the jar if you can’t keep them all straight.

Use a repurposed box to keep your plastic lids in one place and organized.

This seems silly, but bananas take up a lot of counter space. Install a hook underneath your cabinet to keep your bananas out of the way.

All this DIY takes is a desk organizer and a few screws.

Mount some acrylic containers on the inside of your pantry to make even more room for your dry goods.

Many people use tablets to look at recipes, and this DIY keeps your tablet off the counter and out of the way. Bonus: It won’t get accidentally dirty when you spill the flour everywhere.

This repurposed magazine rack makes an excellent place to store metal pans and tins.

Mounting a few simple shelves and adding jars full of dry good can turn an empty wall in your kitchen into extra storage. Bonus: It totally looks magazine worthy.

If you put this bar cart on casters, you can easily roll it from the kitchen to the living room when you’re having a party.

Give your space a country kitchen look by adding some jumbled, slightly mismatched shelves wherever you have space. We love the idea of hanging pots and pans from the bottom of the shelf.

Because if you’re going to have seating in your kitchen, you may as well make it as cute as possible.

These adorable magnets will look great on your fridge, especially in monochrome.

Follow the DIY tutorial below to find out how to add some chic zinc lettering to your kitchen walls.

If you’ve got natural light in your kitchen, try planting some adorable succulents inside of repurposed cans and jars

Give your tea towels a cute pattern by dipping oranges and lemons into paint and stamping them onto the towel.

Copper salt and pepper shakers are expensive, but you can DIY them for about $5. They’ll look great on your kitchen counter or table, and you won’t have to break the bank to get that awesome metallic effect.