23 Memorable Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids.

23 Memorable Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With The Kids. December 9, 2018

Christmas is a very expensive holiday. First, you’ve got to go gift shopping and buy presents for all your friends and family. Then when you’re done with the presents, you have to get wrapping paper and ribbon to make the gifts pretty. After you’re done wrapping everything, you need to buy a big Christmas tree to put those presents under. It’s a never ending cycle of spending money! But instead of buying Christmas tree ornaments, how about you save at least some amount of money by making them instead? You’ll be surprised by how great some of these DIY ornaments actually come out! If anything, they add more character to your tree. Check out some of the DIY ornament ideas below to help you get started.If you want a more bohemian look this year, try creating your ornaments with materials like twigs, feathers, wooden beads, and arrows.

Transfer your favorite family photos onto wooden ornaments to fill your Christmas tree with cherished memories!

Take some tiles from your Scrabble board game to form your favorite Christmas lyrics and glue them together to turn them into an ornament!

You can recreate these unique ornaments by decorating twigs with button stickers, pine needles, berries, twine, and felt. You can even use these as wall art if not hanging ornaments.

If you have clear ornaments, instead of hanging them as is, try filling them up with colorful sprinkles for a more fun look.

Halt, don’t throw those toilet paper rolls away! Save them and transform them into these cute reindeer ornaments.

Paint dry macaroni pieces white and glue them together to make snowflakes! Play around with different shapes and patterns.

What’s better than edible ornaments? Bake these delicious cinnamon applesauce hearts that you can eat after it’s time to take down the tree.

Paint a slice of wood and then use a wood burner to design a pretty snowflake to recreate this beautiful and rustic ornament.

This one’s so easy and the outcome is so pretty! Just cut out several pieces of white and beige felt and then stack and glue them together!

These are so easy to make, even your children can make them! Just grab six popsicle sticks to create this mini Santa sleigh.

If you’ve got old paper maps that are no longer of use to you, recycle them by turning them into ornaments! The folding technique is easier than you think.

Repurpose your bottle caps into Christmas ornaments by painting them white and stacking them in 3’s to create snowmen.

Turn a teacup into an ornament by turning it upside down and attaching a little bell to the inside of it. You’ve got jingle bell teacups!

Light bulbs can be ornaments too. In fact, they’re the perfect shape to create penguins! Use paint to transform them and attach rope to the bottom (now the top of the ornament) so you can hang them.

Purchase a three-dimensional paper craft from Michaels and transform it into an ornament by mounting it to a plaque ornament.

Attach puzzle pieces together to create the face of a reindeer. Don’t forget to add wiggly eyes and a red nose!

So simple, anyone can do it! Take any solid colored ornament and use paint to leave a thumb print on it. Then draw two eyes, a red nose, and antlers and you’ve got yourself super cute ornaments.

Recreate a camping scene on your tree with these mini campfire and s’more ornaments! All you need is felt, cardboard, cotton balls, and a foam ‘marshmallow.”

The things you’ll least expect will make the greatest materials for DIY projects, like these computer memories! Don’t they make such a festive and unique touch to the tree?

Transform your wine corks into mini reindeers by attaching wiggly eyes, a red pom pom, and brown pipe cleaners to it!

Turn bell jars into mini snow globe ornaments by filling them up with miniature props.

Instead of throwing away those old CDs, try shattering them and using the pieces to decorate plain ornaments. They’ll look like mini disco balls afterwards!