DIY Ideas For Turning Your Tiny Patio/Balcony Into A Private Oasis.

DIY Ideas For Turning Your Tiny Patio/Balcony Into A Private Oasis. May 25, 2019

Summer is almost here! Depending on where you live, there’s a chance that you’re already experiencing the summer heat. With more hot days ahead of us, you’ll most likely be more inclined to hang out outside instead of inside the stuffy house. Whether you have a balcony or a patio that you need to spruce up, we have a variety of DIY ideas for you! Nothing beats hanging out outside during a summer night. Decorate your outside spaces with some of these projects and then invite your friends over to make some good memories. Have drinks and chit chat or host a game night! One thing is for sure — hanging out on your balcony or patio will be one of the more affordable activities this summer.Turn some crates into cheap seating. Make sure to treat them with a weatherproof stain to make sure they’re rain-resistant.

If you have a nice view from your balcony, add a dining area to it so you can enjoy your food outside every once in awhile.

For book lovers, try decorating your balcony with tiny bookshelves to store all your favorite books. It’ll become the perfect reading space.

A wide cushion and a couple of throw pillows will create the perfect atmosphere for a small group of people. Just look at how comfy this looks.

If you’re feeling ambitious in your DIY projects, try building this herb garden coffee table. It’ll make a great outdoor table. You can plant anything you want in the middle.

Hammocks aren’t solely for the beach, you can hang them up at home too! And once you set one up, you’ll never want to leave it.

For a less invasive privacy screen, hang up some pots of herbs and your favorite flowers. It’s also a great garden alternative for people who don’t have backyards.

Transform an old milk crate into a cool patio stool. This is perfect for small outdoor spaces. The little grill is a nice addition too!

If you spend a lot of time on your balcony or patio during nighttime, hang up string lights! It works both as a light source and decor.

Another garden alternative would be implementing this cute reasonably-sized greenhouse into your balcony/porch. Add every plant that you want to take care of to the house.

Find a cute little side table from a thrift store and upcycle it into a DIY drink station for your patio. This will be great for hot summer days!

If you’ve got a plain floor that you’d like to spice up, you can try painting a pattern onto it like in the photo below.

Recreate these wine bottle torches to keep the bugs away. This is perfect for when summertime rolls in and all the mosquitos and bugs start appearing. Just be sure not to knock these over!

If you don’t want to hang up a full hammock, you can create a hammock chair that’s perfect for the little ones.

Transform any balcony chair into a swing. This will spice any plain balcony into a fun one.

Start from the bottom up! If you don’t like your floor, try covering it with interlocking deck tiles.

Fill up some mason jars with dry pinto beans, and then top it off with a mini candle. Wrap twine around the top of the jars to hang them up.

Recreate these “lamp posts” by adding hanging baskets and vintage strands of lights to them.

Create a bedding border with the help of rope lights. It’s both super affordable and waterproof.

Put some cinder blocks to good use by combining them to create one unique bench.

Create a mini bar in your balcony by adding a folding table to it. Leave it folded when unused and then whip it out when it’s time to party!

If you have a few pallets hanging around, put them together to create one big couch for your patio.

If you live in a household where a lot of beers are consumed, incorporate a DIY bottle opener into your patio or balcony. This will make outside drinks a whole lot easier.

If you don’t want to buy new furniture but on a budget, simply freshen your furniture up by giving it a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Pallets are very versatile. You can use them to create a seating area or even as a table. And there’s just something about them that creates a rustic vibe.