24 St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Guinness.

24 St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Guinness. March 15, 2018

When growing up, most of us (unless you’re Irish) knew Saint Patrick’s Day as the one day in the year you have to wear green otherwise you’ll be pinched to death by all the annoying people around you at school. As you grow older, you learn that Saint Patrick’s Day is actually one of the greatest drinking holidays in the year (and if you’re misfortunate, you’ll still have annoying people in your life who will pinch you for not wearing green). You can hit any Irish pub on this green holiday and they will welcome you with joy and fun rowdiness. Although there is a certain thrill to bar hopping and drinking the night away with strangers, nothing’s better than throwing a party and enjoying the holiday with your friends and family. And don’t worry, decorating a Saint Patrick’s Day themed party is a lot easier than you think. Take a look at all the super easy and inexpensive DIY ideas below to help you get started. From decorations to food/drinks ideas to fun activities for the kids — we got you covered.Just combine different colored tissue paper garlands together (in rainbow color/order) and add white pom poms on top for the clouds.

And then fill the pot with your choice of chocolate filled gold 🙂

Or you can purchase cheap pots from the Dollar Store.

Both adults and kids can wear them!

Just fold the shape out of card stock and fill them with chocolate coins!

So you can trap them and then eat the cake afterwards, killing two birds with one stone.

Shamrocks can be found at dollar store.

Add green food coloring to your toilet water and leave mini foot prints with green paint on the toilet seat.

You can use them as containers for your utensils or as cups for all your drinks.