This Family Found A Way To Make Going To The DMV Fun.

This Family Found A Way To Make Going To The DMV Fun. January 11, 2020

Most people don’t like going to the DMV, and who could blame them? You have to deal with long lines, rude employees, and overall rudeness from people who are waiting just like you. But a comedian named Jono Zalay, and his family are bringing the fun back to the DMV in a series of driver’s license photos that defy all sense of sanity. By posing like total fools for their driver’s license photos, they’re able to troll the DMV, and oddly enough, this has been a tradition in his family that his dad started way back in the 1970s. Today, that tradition continues.The tradition was started by Jono Zalay’s dad in the 1970s and this is his brother’s latest DMV photo!

Jono has had several photos taken in different states over the years, and he looks different in all of them.

Having longer hair and no mustache gave him some ideas, but he still needed to take steps to change.

He claims he could pass off as a Lyft driver, a barista, or a start-up CEO, all of which are spot on.

You have to give him kudos for his dedication. How many guys would be willing to put foils on their head?

Yeah, we can totally see a mean surfer in this phase three look with the platinum hair! Kinda looks like Justin Bieber.

Jono feels that this is how Carter would look if his solo album career tanked and he became a clown.

Don’t know who Chappie is? He was the robot that behaved like a human on the 2015 sci-fi film of the same name.

We’re pretty sure that there were plenty of people rolling their eyes and pointing at him at the DMV.

She said, “Well, you’re gonna need a new photo, you look nothing like your last California ID.” No kidding.