These Side-By-Side Pics Of Family Members Prove DNA Is Freakishly Strong.

These Side-By-Side Pics Of Family Members Prove DNA Is Freakishly Strong. May 21, 2021

Canadian photographer and graphic designer Ulric Collette conducted an amazing photographic project on genetic similarities between members of the same family. The concept was unique in that Ulric merged photos of various people’s family members together to create an all-new portrait. What he achieved were breathtaking photos that showed how strong genetics can truly be among family. In fact, it was while photoshopping his own son’s image that he came up with this idea, and the results are seriously epic.If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see another you, then you should ask Ulric to Photoshop your family like he did this grandmother/granddaughter duo. It’s obvious Ismaëlle has her grandma’s eyes.

These brothers appear to be slightly identical. Oh, sure, there are some subtle differences, like the lips and one of the nostrils being slightly bigger. But everything else is so similar, they could pass as twins.

It’s hard to tell that these are two different people. The only thing that really gives it away is the eyebrows and maybe the nose a little bit.

Talk about some serious strong family genes here! These sisters appear to literally be each other’s half. They also have the same beautiful smile.

If Benoit ever wonders what he’ll look like at 54, he only has to look at his dad. The two of them look a lot alike. The only thing is that Benoit has an attached earlobe, and Claude has a detached lobe.

The age difference between the mom and daughter is very subtle, so it’s tough to tell who’s who unless you put your hand up to the left side of the face.

They say that boys tend to look a lot like their moms, and in this photo, it’s obvious. Their eyes are a bit different, but other than that, these two seemed to be one and the same.

They’re probably fraternal twins instead of identical. The shape of the nose and mouth are slightly similar but there are some subtle differences. Still, their genetic heritage is pretty strong huh?

Remember Ismaëlle? The girl who was paired with the grandmother? Well Ulric also paired Ismaëlle with her brother Nathan, and there are some serious physical resemblances here.

Although the brows and eye shapes are different, they have the same eye color and other facial similarities. Well, except for Justine’s nostril, which is tinier. But they have the same mouth, though.

Ulric definitely deserves kudos for lining up both of these brothers to get the perfect pose. With the exception of the hairstyles, they’re a lot alike.

We’re sure that Julie feels like she’s looking at herself 30 years earlier whenever she sees Isabelle. That’s exactly the way it feels like to us.

To keep the image from looking weird, Ulric blended the faces in the center, hence why Véronique’s hairdo spilled over to her brother. But he blended the lines between male and female flawlessly.

These two sisters have similar hair and similar facial structure. How are they not twins? Their eyebrows are different and so are their hair colors, but everything else is nearly identical.

Despite their age, chest hair and gender difference, this mother/son duo have similar eyes and nose, which proves two people can look different but be the same.

We’re not so sure that these two have a lot in common. Their nose, cheekbones, mouth, and jawline are different. Their eyes are different sizes too, but they do look related and they’re certainly good looking.

Okay, so maybe Jean-Michel has bushier brows and a beard, but he does have a similar facial structure to his sister Geneviève. And honestly, both would likely get people to swipe right on Tinder.

The genetic portrait between this father and daughter shows how identical their face shapes are. Clearly, genetic traits run strong in this family.