Does Your Vagina Smell Healthy?

Does Your Vagina Smell Healthy? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

So we’re about to delve into something most women don’t ever like to talk about, the smell of their vaginas. It’s often the subject of a lot of dirty jokes, but it’s rarely something that women in general like to discuss with anyone but their gynecologists. But have you ever wondered what your vaginal should really smell like? No? Well, you should because the smell of your vagina can say a lot about the overall well being of your vagina and the way you actually take care of it.It’s become a bit of a taboo, especially when people compare a vagina’s odor to that of a rotten fish, but while the smell of women’s vagina’s vary, there are some ways that it should smell and other ways that it shouldn’t.

After intercourse, the smell of your vagina will be radically altered either by the lube you used, the condom he had on, or the huge viral load he just deposited in your bank.

This condition often occurs when your vagina’s pH balance is off, leading to the growth of various bacterial cultures, which is when your basement can smell like an Asian fish market.

But the thought of not washing down there on a regular basis is horrifying for some women, which is why they resort to douching. Unfortunately, this can affect your pH balance and strip your vagina of its natural defense mechanism, leading to an excess of the wrong kind of bacterial growth, which makes your vaginal flora smell terrible.

If your vagina has a metallic scent, it could be the result of you having your period or after coming into contact with semen, both of which turn the pH balance from acidic to basic. But don’t worry, the metallic scent is temporary. But if it persists or there’s itching or discharge involved, go see a doctor.

It could be cervical or vaginal cancer, and either one can cause vaginal bleeding and an odious stench, especially after sex, and can also be accompanied by pain as you try peeing.

The condition is known as rectovaginal fistula, and occurs when the connection between your rectum and vagina is out of whack, causing stool to leak into your vagina causing your vagina to stink. This can happen after giving birth, Crohn’s disease or during pelvic surgery.

Guys sometimes compare the smell of a vagina to shrimp, sausage, ham, or a fish, but every woman has their own unique scent down there. But sometimes that smell can be tainted by menstrual blood or sweat. Hey, a guy’s balls don’t exactly smell all that good either all the time.

Trichomoniasis is an STD caused by a microscopic parasite, which rarely shows symptoms. In fact, only 30 percent of people who are infected realize it. But if your vaginal discharge is green, yellow, and frothy, you might have it. Fortunately, it’s treatable with antibiotics.

But who could blame them? All that menstrual blood can make a vagina smell like the inside of a blood bank. In fact, the smell is often intensified by the altered pH balance, but it goes away in a few days.

It’s something that happens pretty much in every part of our body, especially when we’re under stress, doing exercise, or wearing tight fitting clothes. Our crotch area is usually the warmest and moistest area, so, duh, if it sweats, it’s going to smell bad. Get over it.

Itching, burning, irritation, and vaginal discharge that’s strong and unpleasant to your nostrils means you’ve either given up on bathing or you have a serious infection. This is when you have to go see your doctor right away.

Avoid those douches or feminine deodorants altogether because they’ll simply irritate your vagina even more, producing more complications and more odors down there.

Wash your vulva and labia with lots of water and use unscented soap. This will allow your vagina to return to its natural, pleasant scent that your man (or woman) loves.

Tampons are sponges that retain smell, menstrual fluid, and if left in there long enough, bacteria. Remember that your period is your body’s way of purging your reproductive system of all that nasty gunk. So don’t stop it from doing its thing.

When a guy doesn’t eat healthy, his semen will smell and taste disgusting. When a woman indulges in too many spicy foods, coffee, onions, garlic, meat and dairy, it can alter the scent of their vag in the worst way possible.

Menopause will throw your hormone balance out of whack, and this will alter the way your vagina smells, often leaving it dry, among other things. Eventually, your vagina may smell like a moldy old house that’s been abandoned for years.

Tight clothing restricts airflow, which could be the cause of your odor woes down there. To avoid this, try wearing cotton underwear and choose jeans and pants that aren’t so tight, so your skin and vag can breathe.

Some menstrual products trap odor, making the ammonia, metallic, or fish smell ten times worth. The moisture of maxi pads and reusable cloth pads can also contribute to odor. So change your menstrual products often and if possible, try wearing internal products.

Sure, it seems sexy to let him ejaculate inside of you, but just because you went to the restroom afterwards to push it out, doesn’t mean that some of it didn’t stay inside of you. But you won’t notice it right away. Sadly, the stench will creep up on you about 24 hours later, as the mess between your discharge and his mix.

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