Dog Abandoned Outside A Shelter With A Sign Just Wants Someone To Love.

Dog Abandoned Outside A Shelter With A Sign Just Wants Someone To Love. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A dog can be your ideal companion. There is no creature in this world that can give you as much loyalty and fierce devotion, at least not the way a dog can. Once they enter a person’s life, a dog no longer remains just a pet; it becomes a partner, a friend, a family member, and so much more. We can learn so much from dogs. However, sometimes dog owners no longer feel the magic of this unconditional love. So unfortunately, some of them try to get rid of these voiceless creatures.She had been abandoned there overnight and there were no clues about who her owner was. Though the staff and volunteers at the Animal Control Shelter were accustomed to people giving up their dogs, they were shocked to see the callousness with which this friendly canine had been dumped at their door, especially since dumping is illegal. She was just sitting outside their shelter, so they took her in.

The cardboard sign simply stated that her name was Cookie, but had no other information about her. Hence, the staff had to figure it out on their own. They found that Cookie was 6 years old and weighed 45 pounds. Moreover, she had heartworms, which was probably the reason why her owners, not wanting to spend on her care and treatment, gave her up.

Even though she was abandoned, it was clear that at some point, she had been treated with a lot of love and had a happy home. She was gentle and eager to kiss. She loved being fondled under her chin, and was delighted when the caretakers at the shelter would touch her face with their hands.

Though she had been carelessly abandoned, the staff was confident that they would surely find a new and better home for the sweet and gentle Cookie. Thus, they put up her video and information on Facebook.

There are many reasons why people decide to give up their pets to a shelter. Every year, shelters have to take in more pets than they’re able to put up for adoption. Therefore, at times, they are left with no option but to euthanize them. We just hope that soon enough, people will realize that pets, just like family members, are not to be given up or abandoned.

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