Stolen Dog Discovered In Basement Of Abandoned House Reunited With Owner.

Stolen Dog Discovered In Basement Of Abandoned House Reunited With Owner. May 7, 2020

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people do unbelievably horrible things to animals. Animals are abused, broken, starved, and tossed to the side. Luckily, there are people that fight to protect and save these animals. Keep reading to find out how this dog found himself in a life-threatening situation, but through the kindness of others, was able to survive against all odds.Dogs were frequently abandoned in the house, left to fend for their own. Most of the time the neighbors were able to go save the dogs, but this time was different.

He kept barking, and eventually, neighbors called Detroit Animal Control officers. Rescuing him wasn’t going to be an easy task. “One officer even scaled the walls down to him while another animal control officer pulled him out,” wrote Detroit Dog Rescue on Facebook.

He was 40 pounds underweight and on his way to death. “He was collapsing. He was really sick and dehydrated, and a total skeleton. You could see his hip bones, his rib bones, everything,” said Kristina Rinaldi, the executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue.

“He’s very sweet, and he was eager to meet people. It sounds kinda funny, but he was thankful to be rescued, and so thankful to be out of that hole,” Rinaldi said. Bentley was given fluids in order to slowly introduce food back to his system. “He just needed to eat, and there was nothing in that basement, except for wood scraps that he was chewing on,” Rinaldi noted.

Bentley’s family immediately noticed the St. Bernard. Apparently, someone had stolen the loving dog from his backyard on Easter. “They had been looking for him for a month, so it was a happy reunion yesterday,” Rinaldi said.

“They thought they would never find him again, and he was so happy to see them. They couldn’t believe how skinny he had gotten,” said Rinaldi. “Everybody was just so happy, and extremely heartbroken over it,” Rinaldi added. “He was really loved and missing for a long time, so they were overjoyed to have him back.”