Hilariously Accurate Guide Of Dog Breeds And Their Personalities.

Hilariously Accurate Guide Of Dog Breeds And Their Personalities. February 23, 2020

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but there are a lot of different types of dog breeds out there too. In fact, each breed offers a different quirky personality trait that makes them unique, and it’s those odd behavioral kinks that really make us fall in love with them. So an artist by the name of Grace Gogarty decided to draw a bunch of different dogs, each unique to their own breed, but with a hilarious twist that will have you rolling on the floor, clutching to your stomach because your sides will hurt from too much laughter.She posted her work on Instagram and Tumblr and folks are loving these uncanny trait drawings.

Goldies aren’t the only breeds with unique characteristics, but they do make life so darn fun.

Yellow ones aren’t smart, but it beats being insane like chocolate, but black labs are your BFF.

A Great Dane is the epitome of clumsiness and drowsiness which creates a love-hate relationship.

You thought your toddler was needy, but a Bernese mountain dog is worse! All it wants is a hug.

Now it’s not that they’re not paying attention to you. They can hear you, you’re just irrelevant.

Sure, you’ll have to hire someone to vacuum your house every day, but it’s so worth it for this pet.

They’re always going above and beyond their capacity to do things, even if that means trouble.

You dread to leave them alone with other dogs and don’t try to set rules. They won’t follow them.

They´ll sweep the floor with you and your sympathies, but they´re just so darn adorable though.

Turns out they’re bigger scaredy cats than any felines. Who would have thought?

Pit bulls are actually known as the Gemini of dogs since they go from nice to neurotic mess in a quick second.

In reality, the Yorkshire Terrier is a mini diva/divo who cannot make up their mind.

In reality, most retrievers just want to be a pet, clingy, and make their owner very happy every day.

The Bulldog is one of the kindest dogs. They are friendly, patient, and a bit stubborn, but full of love.

Chihuahuas have many personalities since they’re always mean and nice and bark and cling to everyone.

The Bichon Frise are the socialite of dogs since they are well mannered, playful, and affectionately posh.

They are the teddy bears of dogs since they always want to be held and loved by all.

They thrive in places with cold weather so they can run about and not tear up your house in frustration.

They only bond with one person who they will respect or disobey with a smug smile like a teenager.

They will attack when provoked, but when no one tough is looking they will play nice with others.

Even though Pugs do not know what is going on around them, they somehow manage.

The anxious look on their face and them not wanting to stay in one spot for too long is not a good mix.

Newfoundland dogs are all there when it comes to caring, but when it comes to other stuff, good luck.

The Shiba Inu dogs love keeping their coats clean so keep your hands off them or a scream follows.

Hound dogs are known for sleeping most of the time and they love it if you respect their nap time.