Dog Carried Pups Out Of A Burning House And Placed Them On A Fire Truck.

Dog Carried Pups Out Of A Burning House And Placed Them On A Fire Truck. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It goes without saying that a mother’s love is unselfish and nothing can compare to it. When it comes to protecting her kids, a mother will do anything and everything in her power to ensure their safety. This unbreakable bond crosses species as well. Time and time again we have witnessed stories around the world of animals risking their own lives for the well-being of their offsprings.The firemen were on the scene quickly to put out the fire. They were almost finished when they spotted something amazing. A mama dog was saving her puppies from the burning house by carrying them in her mouth.

The German Shepherd mix named Amanda not only carried her pups out of the home, she gently placed them in one of the fire trucks for safety. She kept going in and out of the home to retrieve her pups.

The family was taken to a vet named Felipe Lara. He informed the firefighters that one of the puppies named Amparo had suffered severe burns and didn’t make it. Fortunately, the other four puppies were healthy and doing well. The vet stated that while they were checking the puppies, Amanda resisted and didn’t let them take her puppies away from her. Eventually, she relented. Still, she didn’t leave Amparo’s side.

The fire could not be contained, reaching the city of Valparaiso. The firefighters were informed about a dog locals had spotted. She was leading her puppies away from the fire.

The dog, now named Blacky, had saved all of them by digging a hole for them beneath a metal container and burying them under it. A team was formed to search and rescue them. One of the men involved in the rescue mission said, “They were all alive and healthy.”

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