25 Frighteningly Cute Halloween Costumes Your Dog Will Love.

25 Frighteningly Cute Halloween Costumes Your Dog Will Love. October 10, 2018

Everyone’s favorite part about Halloween is dressing up. As kids, we looked forward to the one day in the whole year we got to transform ourselves into anyone or anything that we wanted to be. The costume possibilities are endless. You can be a superhero you look up to. You can be a character from your favorite book or film. You can be an animal, cartoon, a bottle of sriracha, a rock, literally anything. But why must we limit Halloween costumes to human beings? Why not get our dogs into the Halloween spirit too? The best part: you get to choose what your dog will dress up as. And just like how it is for humans, the costume possibilities for our furry friends are also endless.Add styrofoam to a green t-shirt to make a dinosaur costume. The bigger the dog, the more believable the costume!

Your dog is already half way there! He’s got the pet side down, now he just needs to add the ch-ch-ch-chia leaves!

Your dog might have trouble walking in this, but the watching him wobble left to right in it will be worth it.

Even though you can’t live out your wizarding dreams, doesn’t mean your dog can’t! You’re a wizard, Harry.

If you can’t choose just one Star Wars character, choose all of them! This theme would work great for an person who owns multiples dogs or a group of dog buds.

Who said your lion costume had to be fancy and made out of expensive material? Cut up strips of brown and tan felt to transform your dog into the king of the jungle.

If you want to get more creative, try creating ones that make the dog look like it’s holding something or somehow interacting with another being like this Jack Sparrow!

If you catch your dogs day dreaming while looking at the sky at often times, perhaps he dreams of being a pilot. Make his dreams come true with this costume and you can even add in a first aid kit as another costume!

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. They can appear super complicated or simple. Recreate this simple monster head wrap with just green fleece, ping pong balls, a sharpie, and a hot glue gun.

Another easy to make costume out of fleece! And the best part: you get to give your dog antennas!

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Recreate this look by wrapping your pet with gauze over and over!

If you’ve got a hot dog as a pet, it’s pretty obvious what you should dress him or her up as for Halloween! It’s only appropriate, right?

She’s a cupcake and she loves it! You can make this costume out of a round paper machete box. It’s great that it doesn’t cover up the dog’s entire body so he or she doesn’t feel as entrapped.

Who remembers the flying monkeys from the The Wizard of Oz? You can recreate this costume out of blue felt and then hot glue red and white felt on it to make the pattern.

When you try to dress your pet up as a piece of corn but they end up becoming a corn dog! Use craft foam balls to create the 3d corn effect.

Turn your dog into a hostess cupcake with this dog coat! You can use white chalk to create frosting decoration.

Porcupines can be pretty too. Instead of its usual spikes, turn your dog into a porcupine that has illuminated non-lethal spikes instead made out of fiber-optic strands.

Grab a white towel and an empty crate and you’re done. Even better if you’ve got a bicycle to put the crate on top of.

Dun da da dun! Doggy heroines really do exist! Although it may look like it does, no sewing is required for this costume! You just need elastic, velcro, and hot glue.

What’s more adorable than a group of doggy ghosts? Just place a plain white sheet over your dog and then cut out circles where the eyes and snout should be.

She’s the scariest and fiercest queen of all! This just so happens to be the best costume for dogs who just got spayed or neutered during Halloween season.

Dogs can be romantic too. If your dog wants to live out their favorite romance film, let them! Extra points for the added props!

Tell me this isn’t the best costume ever. Of course if you want the best costume ever, it’s going to take some time and effort to make. The body is made out of EVA foam while the helmet was created from a mold of the dog’s head built out of clay.

The type of flowers that’ll make anyone’s day. For this look, you can create a body suit out of green felt and the petals out of other colors. Use foam fillers to cushion the petals!