Dog Disappointed With UPS Driver For Not Giving Him Treats, Takes Matters In His Own Paws.

Dog Disappointed With UPS Driver For Not Giving Him Treats, Takes Matters In His Own Paws. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

He was driving along doing his daily rounds of delivering packages to the neighborhood. Then suddenly, he heard a thump. He stopped the truck right away and looked over his shoulder. He was utterly speechless by the sight of a dog in his truck. He wasn’t sure why the universe had brought them together or if the dog was a stray. But when he got up the following morning, all the answers to his questions were finally quelled.

When he first heard the thump, two possible scenarios crossed his mind. Maybe a package had fallen down. If that was the case, then he hoped the contents weren’t broken. As a UPS driver, it was his job to offer the best service possible. But then he wondered, what if the noise he heard was the sound of his truck hitting someone? He considered himself an upstanding citizen, and would never hurt a fly. Fortunately, it was neither of these scenarios. But he still had to deal with this situation.

The UPS deliveryman had a routine. He would drive by and pay the same houses a visit every couple of days to deliver their packages. Sometimes he’d even start a conversation with the locals. Now, we know that neighborhood dogs will either like or dislike a mail carrier, but the same applies to delivery drivers. And yet he never thought he would end up bonding with one of them.

He started his day by loading his truck with the various packages that needed delivering. Then he noticed that the address on the label of a package looked oddly familiar. But he brushed it off and went on his way. Then, as he drove through his route, he noticed something on the side of the road. It was a big, beautiful dog. But was it simply roaming around in the area or was it homeless? The dog remained in the UPS driver’s thoughts as he parked his truck and started prepping the packages for delivery.

The UPS driver grabbed a package and headed for the front door. But as soon as he approached the entrance, he noticed the dog was tagging along. He found this very odd. Most dogs tend to bark behind the fence or on the other side of the door. But this dog was coming towards him, which made him a bit jittery. Little did he realize that this four-legged pooch would become his BFF.

Most people have heard the adage, dogs are man’s best friend. But he had never considered owning one at this point. It’s not that he disliked animals. He was just too busy to think about taking care of a pooch. But now it seemed like he didn’t have much of a choice. This dog continued to pursue him. But if its intentions weren’t hostile, then what did it want from him?

A few days later, the deliveryman had to make a delivery to the same house. This often happened more than twice a week. But every time he did, the Golden Retriever was there waiting for him. He wasn’t sure if the dog had an owner, but he figured it probably did since it always hung around in one area. But he decided to give the dog a nice surprise next time he saw it.

His shift had ended, but he knew he would eventually have to deliver a package to the same house. So, he went and bought a bag of treats at a pet store. Then he stashed them in his truck, so he could give it to the big dog the next he saw it. But one way or another, the dog had already decided it was going to get what it wanted.

The man thought he knew what the dog wanted. After all, doesn’t every dog want to get patted on the head or a bone thrown at it? Maybe it wanted its belly rubbed. The UPS deliveryman assumed that he might have been a stray, and since most strays are hungry, he decided to feed it. But only time would tell if this would end up backfiring on him.

When the deliveryman arrived to drop of a package at the house, the dog was waiting for him. So, he grabbed a few treats in his hand and walked towards the front door. Once he had delivered the package, he simply turned and offered the treats to the dog. While the pooch ate, the man rubbed its ears and belly. That’s when everything changed for both of them.

The Golden Retriever knew right away that the UPS driver was his friend. Who else would bring him treats? The two continued this routine every time he delivered a package. This continued to happen for several weeks. Then, he made a huge mistake. He had forgotten to bring the treats, and the dog wasn’t about to forgive or forget.

He had been such a loyal human up to this point. Then he became a total letdown. How could he have forgotten to bring the treats? Some people can get passed such a minor infraction, but it wasn’t a person. It was a dog, and it expected more from the UPS driver. But he had managed to disappoint the pooch. Now the question remained, would it ever forgive him?

There was a perfectly good reason why the UPS driver didn’t have any treats. He had rushed out of the house and forgotten to buy some. But he didn’t know he wasn’t carrying any treats until he arrived at the house and couldn’t find any in his truck. He searched and searched, but there was nothing. Then, the sad delivery guy took the package and headed to the front door. But the dog had something else in mind.

The driver noticed that the Golden Retriever had vanished. He assumed that the dog realized he wasn’t getting any treats from him and simply left. But that wasn’t what happened. The pooch had decided to experience the ultimate ride, and the deliveryman had no idea what was going on.

The UPS man continued to deliver packages throughout the neighborhood. His shift was just about over, but he still had to deliver packages to two houses. He kept on driving. Then, he heard an unusual thump by the area where he stored all the packages, “How weird,” he thought. But he didn’t give it a second thought. He simply assumed that one of the packages had fallen when he made a hard turn.

What the man hadn’t realized was that the Golden Retriever had snuck inside his truck! When the delivery guy stepped off to go deliver the packages, he left the back of his truck open. The dog saw this as the perfect opportunity to climb inside and get his treats. But of course, the driver had no idea that this four-legged stowaway was in his truck.

The driver was about to make his second to last stop, and the package was rather big. So, he opened the back of his truck to go grab it, but was met with a shocking surprise. It was standing there right in front of him with its tail wagging, tongue hanging, and eyes all big and wide. But it would be a major understatement to assume that driver wasn’t flabbergasted.

He assumed that his relationship with the Golden Retriever was over. After all, he had failed to deliver the most crucial merchandise of all… its treats! But the dog wasn’t willing to give up, at least, not until it got some treats. And the driver was so shocked by the dog’s persistent attitude. What would happen if he didn’t provide it with treats? Would it lash out?

The driver was frozen with surprise, and he worried. Was it possible that this dog had no home? Should he drive it to the nearest shelter or return it to the neighborhood where he first found it? The driver wasn’t sure how to handle this situation, and he still had one more delivery to make. So, the dog would have to tag along.

This dog obviously belonged to someone because no one in their right mind would drop a Golden Retriever on the side of the road like this. So, he took a second to consider his options. Then he decided he would take it back to the house where they had first met. He left the pooch there where he always was, but he did this with a heavy heart. He had never seen the dog go into anyone’s home. But he had no idea that someone in the neighborhood was watching him.

When the UPS driver met up with his co-workers, he told them about his adventures with the Golden Retriever. He promised himself that he would never forget to bring treats again. Then, someone grabbed their phone and showed him a photo that had gone viral. The dog in the photo was identical to the animal he befriended! Was this really happening? Then, he took a closer look at the note, which cleared everything up.

It turns out that the house the pup always loitered around belonged to its owner, and he had seen everything that happened. He had watched as his dog got out of the driver’s UPS truck the other day. Then, the man went on Reddit and posted a photo of the dog with a note hanging around its neck.

The note said: “The UPS man forgot to throw me a cookie. So I snuck into his truck and took a ride around the neighborhood. He had to deliver me back to my house.” The UPS driver was stunned. He couldn’t believe his actions had gone viral! And to think, that just a few days earlier, he had assumed that the dog might have been a stray.

The UPS guy decided to have a chat with the man whom he had delivered tons of packages to over the weeks. The dog owner told the driver that his pooch would wait for him by the side of the road. But neither of them had a clue that he was watching them from the window. And when the dog went missing, he had gotten worried. But then, he saw the driver pull his truck over and deliver the pup to its usual spot!

Redditors fell in love with the dog’s photo and the story that had won the hearts of so many netizens. They continued sharing the photo until it went viral. Even the national and local news got wind of it and ran the story! It turns out that the bond between mail carriers/delivery drivers and animals are not as unique as people assumed. But regardless, this UPS driver and dog became BFFs and he never forgot the treats ever again!

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