18 Practical DIY Projects For Dog Lovers, #11 Is Perfect For Your Car.

18 Practical DIY Projects For Dog Lovers, #11 Is Perfect For Your Car. June 2, 2017

So, you’ve basically done every single DIY project there is to do, right? You’ve outfitted your entire [kitchen with DIY projects][1], updated your [outdoor space][2] with some fun crafts, and outfitted all of your light sources with [creative lampshades][3]. If there were ever a time to put your pinking shears and Pinterest page to rest, it would be now, right? As it turns out, DIY projects extend into the canine world as well. Here, we’ve put together 18 DIY projects that will greatly improve the life of your dog. After all, your beloved pup lives in your house, but doesn’t really get to reap the benefits of your DIY plastic bottle chandelier. Instead, try one of these projects that will have his or her tail wagging in approval. [1]: [2]: [3]: potatoes are great for dogs to eat. You can easily make these doggy snacks by slicing up some sweet potatoes and putting them in the oven until they get tough and chewy. Plus, unlike store bought snacks, the smell isn’t terrible.

You put pictures of your family and friends around your house, so why not put up some art that celebrates your dog? This little project is adorable, and is also good for remembering the pets who have gone off to doggy heaven.

In the summer, dogs drink double the amount of water than they normally would. Instead of constantly refilling your dog’s bowl, try putting together one of these, which keeps your dog’s thirst quenched with a constant supply of H2O.

Just like humans, dog can cool down with a refreshing popsicle. Since flavors like grape and cherry aren’t really their jam, you can DIY these puppy popsicles with a combination of frozen broth and doggy biscuits.

As much as we love our dogs, their presence in our home can lead to it being, well, rather smelly. To combat the stink, try one of these DIY carpet fresheners and deodorizers, infused with essential oils.

Nothing is worse than trying to go out for a walk, only to realize that you can’t find the dog’s leash. Keep it handy with this cute DIY project that you can hang up next to your front door.

This vest is made from a pair of repurposed cargo pants, and lined with a plastic bag. Once complete, you can soak the vest with water (the plastic bag keeps your dog dry), and as it evaporates, the water draws heat away from the dog’s body.

Here’s another great idea for some puppy popsicles – this one is a little bit sweeter, like a desert!

Like people, it’s better for dogs to eat whole, natural foods without a ton of preservatives. Instead of feeding them mystery kibbles, check out these great recipes for homemade, fresh dog food.

Keep your dog occupied with this DIY “Boredom Buster,” which utilizes toilet paper roles to keep treats out of the dog’s immediate reach. Your pup will definitely have fun trying to get at them, and the best part is that you get to watch.

If you love taking your dog on adventures but hate the way it messes up your car, try making one of these handy dog hammocks. When your road trip is finished, your car will be fur and smell free.

Keep your dog looking hip and cool by fashioning him or her a vintage collar using one of your old belts. It’s a sharp look that all the other dogs are totally going to be jealous of.

If your bed or couch is too high for your tiny pup to get to (and if you allow your dog on the furniture), try constructing this helpful ramp to help get your dog where he needs to go.

Traveling with your dog any time soon? Follow this handy guide to pack a DIY travel kit that’s full of essentials. You never know when you’re going to need some of your dog’s favorite things.

For small dogs, all it takes is one sleeve and few carefully placed holes to keep them looking fashionable and feeling warm all winter long.

Keep your doo-doo bags looking cute by crocheting this handy wallet to put them in. Add a keychain to attach the wallet directly to your leash for maximum convenience.

Follow this tutorial to build a classic doghouse that looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. Your dog is going to love his or her fancy new digs.

Dog beds can be really expensive, and there’s no need to break the bank with a DIY as simple as this. Use an old sweatshirt and a pillow to create this comfy sleeping space for your pooch – they’ll like it even more because it smells like their beloved human!