24 Photos Of Scruffy Dogs Before And After Their Summer Haircut.

24 Photos Of Scruffy Dogs Before And After Their Summer Haircut. July 28, 2018

Hair is a huge factor to how a person looks. A different hair color, length, and style can transform a person into a completely different one. Same goes for dogs! How can it not? A dog’s body is FULL of hair. So to cut it all off or even just trim off some of it, the dog is going to look pretty different. Sometimes grooming them is the only answer if you don’t want shedding to be a huge issue. Of course some people prefer to keep the dogs hairy, which is fine! I think we can all agree that all dogs are cute regardless of the amount of hair they have. With that said, here’s a few before and after photos of some dogs who got a hair cut. Some of them are unrecognizable.”You don’t have to say it, I know we look fabulous.”

“Getting ready will take so much less time now!”

“I love it so much, thanks human!”

“Does this tie make me look like a gentleman?”

“I wanted that Skrillex look.”

“I feel light on my feet.”

“Thank you for finding me! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!”

“Why does everything feel so cold.”

“Do I look intimidating yet?”

“Ok, I’m ready for my photoshoot now.”

“I liked it more when I couldn’t see your face and you couldn’t see mine.”

“What was the point of this cut?”

“Who gave you my permission to do this?”

“You took my majestic look away and replaced it with cuteness… why?”

“Thanks human, now other humans can see how cute I am.”

“Who? Mr. Fluffy? He doesn’t exist anymore.”

“I don’t know how to feel.”

“Do you like my hip new glasses?”

“Everything looks so different without hair in my vision!”

“You look different. No, you look different.”

“You took the shagadelic factor away from me.”

“I feel like a brand new person!”

“Oh I am definitely going out with the girls tonight!”

“Get a girl that can do you both.”