Family Were Sad About Leaving Dog In A Kennel, Dad’s Solution… Genius.

Family Were Sad About Leaving Dog In A Kennel, Dad’s Solution… Genius. December 16, 2018

Our pets are an integral part of our lives. For a canine, its world revolves around its human family. We are all they have and we can never know the extent of their love for us. Although, we have personal and professional activities that force us to be away from home, that does not mean we don’t try to find the best possible way for the animal to be cared for. Pets suffer separation anxiety when their loved ones are away. Dogs still need to be fed, walked, and cuddled when their person is not there. Finding a way to make the dog deal with their human being away easier, is a goal every pet owner strives for.Igor the British bulldog was trying to be cool about the whole thing. The family had never left him alone, let alone at a kennel facility.

The residents at the facility were happy. However, all of the quarters looked exactly the same. Igor’s daddy Kai could not stand the thought of his darling being there without all the comfort and luxuries he has at home.

He visited Igor’s possible room and saw a lot of potential. With Kai’s amazing DIY skills, he rolled the plan in motion with the help of some of his friends. Drywalls were installed, painted with colours matching the ones from home. The walls were then decorated with pictures of Igor and his family. The floor was carpeted, adding a soothing effect. The work continued for a while and he put a curtain in the front after he had finished.

The entire family came to drop Igor at the Labben Kennel. They were amazed at what they saw. Igor’s room was the only one with a curtain. When the curtain was pulled open it revealed that Kai had replicated their living room. It was home away from home. Everything from the coffee table to the candlestick was the same.

Like the bowl at the coffee table, which at home has fruits, was filled with dog treats. There was a dog basket well within reach if he got tired of sitting on the couch. Igor loved his temporary new digs.

Like his buddy, a much bigger than him St. Bernard. Igor was having a mini vacation of his own.