Dog Mimicking His Owner Proves There IS Such A Thing As ‘Too Cute.’

Dog Mimicking His Owner Proves There IS Such A Thing As ‘Too Cute.’ April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs and children can make for a great combination of endless entertainment in a household. They each come up with their own sets of issues, but together they make a perfect blend of mischief and humor. Small children learn by watching others and this often leads to mimicking the behavior of the family dog. Dogs also learn by watching and eventually start mirroring humans. Below are two adorable examples of children with their dogs imitating each other that are sure to give you a good laugh.It is common for the parents to get excited when their children adopt a new skill or do something for the first time. They repeatedly make them do it again and when it comes to their dog, they do the same.

While the Shih Tzu was busy in carrying out its little stunt, the baby was totally spellbound by it. He appeared to be so fascinated that he started imitating the pooch, which together made it a perfect camera-worthy moment.

Both the dog and toddler spinning at the same time is too cute. Fortunately, Mom had her camera handy to capture the special moment.

->**Now watch the video and see both of them!**<-

The baby can only crawl. However, the two Siberian huskies, that are big enough to run, look absolutely adorable while trying to do the same as the baby. Despite their efforts to let the toddler go ahead, they couldn’t resist themselves and went with the flow.

The canines started from behind. The husky on the left seems to struggle a bit more than the husky on the right. But they both eventually crawled faster than the child in order to reach the finishing spot first.

The three of them together crawling down the hallway is just too cute not to record. We have to wonder how long it took the huskies to learn this trick. Even though we don’t see it, we’re almost positive there’s treats of some sort involved.

->**Here’s the viral video so you can watch for yourself.**<-

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