7 Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make.

7 Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make. January 18, 2020

Puppies are a lot like children, so there are certain things you have to do for them to ensure that they continue to grow feeling loved, not agitated. Now, when a puppy’s young, it doesn’t understand a lot of things about the world, so they may bark, scratch, push, or bite in reaction to the world and people around them. So, to avoid any mishaps, like your pooch biting you, your child, or a neighbor’s child, here is what a trainer named Kate Perry, suggests that you do. By preventing these mistakes, which are common among new dog owners, you and your pooch can live in harmony.Every breed has its own unique tendencies and temperaments. Also, their origin story plays a huge role in their behavior. Did they come from a pet store or a shelter? Were they abused or abandoned? So, you’ll have to adjust your dog’s training to their particular identities.

They’re never too young, but you don’t have to be a drill sergeant either. Two to five-minute training sessions will do just fine. You can also practice a command with five to ten repetitions. Just remember to give them a break now and then and then repeat.

Your puppy is like a baby. It doesn’t understand things like boundaries. So, it needs to be literally kept on a leash, especially when you take him out for a walk. It’s easier to manage your pooch this way, and will teach them that there are rules in this world that they’re going to have to learn how to follow.

Your dog has a lot of energy, especially if they’re a certain breed like a Jack Russell, which is very energetic. So, take them out for a jog, or a walk. The more energy they expend, the less likely they are of wrecking your home, barking, or chewing on your furniture.

The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are when you need to actually introduce them to the world outside. Not socializing them at an early age will leave them fearful of things like cars honking, people talking, and kids playing. Don’t deny them the world!

Most owners bring their pups back to the pound because they can’t seem to train their dogs where to pee or poop. Newsflash! It can take up to eight months to house train your dog, so you’ll need to invest time, energy, and a lot of patience to train your pooch. Also, cut off their water supply two hours before bed so they don’t pee themselves, and limit the feeding to two times a day.

Dogs have a certain threshold of tolerance, just like we do. But when they’re young, it’s even more limited. But kids tend to test our limits, and they’ll do the same with dogs. So, it’s important that you keep an eye on both so your child doesn’t push your puppy’s buttons, and your dog doesn’t react aggressively towards your child.