The World’s 12 Best Dog Parks Will Make Your Pup Go Wild.

The World’s 12 Best Dog Parks Will Make Your Pup Go Wild. May 2, 2018

If you’ve got a dog, you are aware of the crucial importance of routine visits to the dog park. Not only is it a place for dogs to run and play, but it’s a safe space where they can socialize with one another — and you can socialize with other dog-lovers. Below are some of the best dog parks from around the world, complete with fountains, splash pads, hiking trails, off-leash runs, and more.

Check them out below: There might even be one near you.This park has over 42 acres of land for pets and their owners to enjoy, including Barkham Woods. It has 10 miles of trails and a two-acre swimming lake for dogs and humans to enjoy.

Tompkins Square Dog Run is famous for hosting the oldest and largest Halloween dog parade in the USA, and the park itself has a ton of space for pups to spread out.

Pilgrim Bark Park is arguably the most artistic dog park in the USA.

It features numerous art installations and sculptures, as well as over an acre of land for dogs to explore.

This 13-acre park features stunning ponds for dogs to splash around in, as well as benches, shady areas, trees and water fountains.

This off-leash park has a special feature: Café Bones.

This is a café that sells drinks and snacks for owners, and treats for your dog too.

Here, dogs and their humans can find a beautiful lake and a number of picturesque walking and biking trails.

Said to be one of the best parks in Canada, PawsWay spans many miles of dog-friendly land.

It also features an indoor eatery — where pets are allowed, of course.

Otto Park is an off-leash dog park, and it’s open 24-7 so you can bring your dog to run free whenever you want.

This park spans across hundreds of acres that your pet can enjoy roaming around in a rustic, natural setting.

This park has been described as a dirt Oasis for dogs.

At the park, dogs can enjoy the water fountains, and playing with tennis balls.

The park has 12 acres, a pond for water warriors, a fenced-in area for smaller dogs, a Lucky Pawz Playground, running water, and eco-friendly disposable waste bags.

In other words, everything you need for an epic dog park.

This park has splash pads, a walking course, and a miniature football field for dogs to enjoy.

A local resident won a contest to have the park built in Alabaster: She actually met her dog in that area of the park.

With trails, a creek, and other natural landscape, this is the perfect place for rugged dogs and their outdoorsy owners.

This dog park is oceanfront, meaning your pup can play Frisbee in the sand before jumping into the Atlantic for a cool down.

It’s the city’s first legal off-leash beach, it remains the only Lake Michigan beach experience you can have with your dog within city limits.

This 23-acre off leash dog park is one of the largest in the country, and is best known for having a facility for dog baths.

It’s also got an adorable cafe, which explains why half a million dogs and their owners visit Point Isabel each year.