What This Pup Went Through To Hold His Human Like This Will Make You Ugly Cry.

What This Pup Went Through To Hold His Human Like This Will Make You Ugly Cry. February 9, 2020

The bond between a man and his dog is undeniably special, and often times, is stronger than a relationship between two humans. Unfortunately, there are times when we may not be able to be with our furry friend. Here’s the story of Jack Daniel. Jack is a lab that got some unfortunate news at the worst time of year. His story is quite an emotional one, so we wanted to share it with you.

Dogs are known to be kind, loyal, and caring creatures. Unless they feel scared, or threatened, they never want to hurt anybody. There are even some people who believe that we don’t deserve dogs because they’re too good for us. That certainly applies to Jack Daniel. Jack is a yellow lab that lives in Chennai of Eastern India. Sadly, Jack received some bad news regarding his health, and his future didn’t look so bright.

Dogs don’t understand what’s going on when they get sick. All they know is that they feel weird. Which is exactly what happened to Jack when his owner noticed a lump on his neck. The lump could’ve been several different things, but because he was worried about Jack, the owner brought him to make sure that the lump wasn’t something serious. The process can be a really frightening experience for a tiny puppy.

The vet looked at the lump and realized that Jack would need to have surgery to get it taken out. A lump doesn’t always mean that a dog is sure to die, but to make sure that it doesn’t get worse, the best thing to do is to get it removed as soon as possible. Because Jack didn’t understand what was going on, going to the vet and preparing for surgery could be pretty traumatizing for him.

Things would go a lot smoother if a dog could just understand what was happening to them. We bet that’s how Jack’s human dad felt when he found out that in order for Jack to have the surgery, he would have to stay the night at the vet’s office. Jack had no idea whatsoever why he was being taken away from his house and brought to a strange, scary place. Unfortunately, there was something going on at the same time that made things a lot harder.

Jack found out that he needed to have surgery right around the worst time of year: Christmastime. Christmas is the one time of year that friends and family gather together to spend time with one another. Unfortunately for Jack, he was having to spend Christmas going through a frightening experience in a new place, and the worst part was that he didn’t understand. Thankfully, things brightened up for Jack, but there were definitely some bumps along the way.

As it would turn out, the surgery went perfectly and Jack was allowed to go back home. But Jack was still in quite a bit of pain. He still had to let the surgery scar heal, and he had patches of shaved fur from where the vet cut him open. But as soon as Jack got home, he didn’t care about the pain anymore. Jack wasn’t the only one who didn’t like him being gone.

Throughout Jack’s entire ordeal, his owner couldn’t help but shed some tears. His dog was his family! When he found out about the lump, he had to cope with the fact that he might lose Jack. Fortunately, that’s not what happened, and the best friends were able to have an emotional reunion. After what Jack went through, there was no way he was letting his owner go again, as you’ll soon see.

Jack started hugging his owner as soon as he saw him and refused to let go. Jack went straight up to him, put his bottom on the floor, and wrapped his little arms around him. Jack had just been through a traumatic experience and now that he had his dad back there was no way he was letting go again. He’s going to be clinging to his dad forever now. You may think that was super cute, but just keep on reading.

His owner was hesitant about giving him a full hug at first because some dogs don’t like being hugged since it can make them feel trapped. But that didn’t bother Jack! As soon as Jack’s dad realized that he wanted a hug, he hugged him as hard as he could. Jack definitely looks like a child hugging their father in this picture. Just wait until you see Jack’s face!

The look that Jack had on his face, once he got to hug his dad, could bring a tear to your eye. Dogs are usually pretty weird about hugs, since they don’t really understand what they are. They tend to look scared, awkward, and sometimes even nervous. But not Jack. He looks completely peaceful being wrapped up in his dad’s arms. If you’re not crying yet this next picture will definitely get you going.

If you’re like most pet owners, you’ve tried to get your furry companions to give you a hug. You also understand that your animal doesn’t really enjoy hugs and will typically push you away with their paws. Jack’s not like that. Jack put his paws gently on his dad’s shoulders and left them right there. And after what Jack went through, who can blame him? What we have here is an extremely lucky pup, in more than one way.

Jack was lucky enough to be able to survive surgery, but he’s even more lucky to have an amazing, loving owner to go home to. Some owners look at their animals more like possessions, rather than family, but not Jack’s dad. Not only did Jack’s dad come up with the money to pay for Jack’s life-saving surgery, he also made sure that Jack had a loving, warm home to go back to.

Not every dog surgery turns out this way. Jack was lucky to be able to get the lump removed, and be returned safely to his owner afterward. Most of us will live our whole lives never knowing the pain that Jack experienced when he had the surgery. And if you have gone through something like this, then you already know how scary it is. Now imagine being a dog and going through it. This isn’t the only special thing about Jack and his dad.

Sadly, not everyone has a relationship in their life like Jack and his owner. Look at those hugs and kisses his dad gives him. Whoever spends their life with this man sure is lucky. It’s not easy to find a man that’s willing to cry for his dog out of love. Their bond is truly a beautiful one that people should be inspired by.

Do you have a favorite photograph? Honestly, they’re all pretty adorable. Did you shed a few tears or did you keep your composure? Their story is a simple one. And one that happens all of the time. But what makes this story so unbelievable, is the reaction that Jack had when he was finally reunited with his dad. A relationship like this is a rare one. Make sure you share this with your friends! It’s sure to brighten their day!