Expectant Dad Builds His Dog Her Very Own Room Under The Stairs.

Expectant Dad Builds His Dog Her Very Own Room Under The Stairs. January 30, 2020

As a pet owner, you know the importance of making sure your sweet fur babies are happy and comfortable. This is even more important when you’re going to bring a new baby into their domain. You don’t want your fur baby to feel jealous or resentful and start acting out towards the human baby. After this dad found out he was going to be bringing home a new baby, he knew he needed to do something to make his favorite pup feel more comfortable and loved.Molly has always been the baby of the house and spoiled by her human parents. Like any dog, Molly absolutely loved getting the undivided attention of her mom and dad.

The McGowans were welcoming a new family member into their lives. Not wanting Molly to feel jealous of the new baby, Michael thought of the perfect way to let Molly know she will always be loved.

“My wife and I love her to bits, and she’s pretty spoiled. We found out this time last year we were going to have a baby so I thought I would try to give her her own little space to make the transition easier,” said Michael in an interview.

Behind the wall in the McGowan’s kitchen is a set of stairs. “I hoped there would be some wasted space behind the staircase but wasn’t sure how big,” said Michael.

“Turns out it was 4 meters square, so plenty big enough,” he said. It was the perfect amount space for tiny Molly.

So he brought in some extra help. “He helped the early stages in terms of cutting the doorway, fitting the door frame and putting in the sockets in order for me to fit the lighting,” said Michael.

Michael then added the flooring, plastering, and some wallpaper. Next up was a few coats of paint!

She even tested the flooring with her bouncy ball! It looks like the room is Molly-approved!

The room looked absolutely fantastic! Now, it was time to personalize it just for Molly!

There’s nothing better than color-changing mood lighting. Now everyone will know that if the color of the room is blue, Molly might be in a bad mood, so they should just stay away.

Molly’s friends seem to like the couch a whole lot. Hopefully, she does, too!

Michael made no hesitation to get his Molly a luxury bed. She’ll be able to take some pretty great naps on that!

Now, Molly gets to look at her school friends while she’s hanging out in her own spot. She’s come a long way since her days in puppy school!

Using his free time after work, Michael was able to start and finish the project in only two weeks. What a fantastic job he did, too!

Molly absolutely adores her new room! “Luckily after all the effort she loves sleeping here, and always runs in to choose from her collection of toys when visitors arrive,” said Michael.

Michael says after four months, Molly and her sister get along just great! “Her own space definitely helps; she often goes away for some peace and quiet when we have lots of visitors,” said Michael. “She is definitely calmer and more relaxed since she’s had this space.”

“She is most definitely a member of the family. We know how important it is for her to be comfortable and have her own space,” explained Michael.