Dog Who Lived Alone Outside Her Entire Life Just Got The Best Christmas Gift Ever.

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For the first five years of her life, Bailey had led a life that no dog deserved to endure ever.

Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap, but they're actually very cute and can be equally as lovable as any other pet. Just ask this 5-year-old black pit bull, who didn't exactly have it easy all the time. Her name is Bailey and had it not been for her foster mom, Millie Acosta, it would have never learned the true meaning of love, family, and yoga. That's because its previous foster parent hadn't exactly been able to give her the life that she deserved. But now, things are finally looking a bit more "paws up" with her new family, and it's obvious that everyone is getting a happy ending with Bailey by their side.At the time, Bailey, was known as Kayseeboo, and she's been chained up in a lot, and with a chain-link fence, there was no hope of her knowing any other kind of life than this concrete prison she was consigned to.

Fur Friends in Need

Jump five years later, and Bailey has a completely different life, and it's better than she imagined.

At first, the pit bull mix was very puzzled by her foster mom, Millie Acosta, who got her an actual bed to sleep on. She even got her belly tickled, which was a very pleasant experience for the pooch.

Millie Acosta

Acosta loved Bailey so much that the two became practically inseparable, no matter where she went.

Bailey was even treated to her very first yoga class. Acosta hoped that this would allow the pit bull to show people just how awesome she was so that a more permanent owner would take a liking to her and adopt her.

Millie Acosta

Acosta could pretty much take Bailey everywhere, and that included going to a Home Depot.

Bailey got the chance to explore this strange new freedom, while getting a ride on a shopping cart. She even sported a real cool bath robe with snowflakes. It became obvious that Bailey was adjusting to this new life just fine.

Millie Acosta

While Bailey was still discovering ways to love herself and life, her future human parents were grieving.

Nicole Greene and her husband Jamie had recently lost their dog, Ellie. Ellie had won them over while they volunteered at an animal shelter, and she changed the Greene's opinion of how pit bulls were, and they were certainly not the aggressive creatures that people made them out to be.

Millie Acosta

Even through their grief, the Greene family had considered taking in another rescue dog.

Since they'd fallen for Ellie, a pit bull, Nicole and Jamie were looking to adopt another pit bull as well. In fact, they insisted on it, and hoped that their next pit bull would make a great addition to their proverbial nest.

Millie Acosta

Eventually, the Greene family found the 5-year-old black pit bull named Kayseeboo.

After talking to Millie Acosta for almost an hour, they learned that horrible life that Kayseeboo had endured during her first five years of life. They wanted a dog that loved kisses, cuddling, and followed people around, and that sounded a lot like Kayseeboo.

Millie Acosta

It was love at first sight for the Greenes, who were overwhelemd by Kayseeboo's awesome personality.

Her sweet and nurturing nature had won the Greenes over, and they couldn't wait to make her an official member of the family. But first, Fur Friends in Need, a New Jersey company that rescues dogs, wanted to make sure the Greenes were the perfect match.

Millie Acosta

The Greenes had to wait a whole week for the home visit, and nobody slept in anticipation of the visit.

The family really wanted the pit bull to be theirs, and fortunately, the visit went well. After getting approved, the couple changed Kayseeboo's name to Bailey, and took her home to celebrate the holidays with the whole family.

Nicole Greene

Bailey sniffed around the house, and played in the yard to get comfy in her new surroundings.

Now, Bailey loves cuddling between Jamie and Nicole in her Christmas pajamas, and Millie Acosta, the former foster parent was so happy Bailey found a family who was willing to embrace the pit bull and shower her with love and affection.

Nicole Greene