25 Dogs Who Are Dressed For Summer, But #13 Might Need To Tone It Down.

25 Dogs Who Are Dressed For Summer, But #13 Might Need To Tone It Down. June 14, 2018

When summer time hits, all the warm sweaters and coats are put away while the shorts and tank tops come out to play. The hotter it is, the less clothes you’ll see on people. And sometimes the only solution to a hot day is the pool or the beach. Well it seems like us humans aren’t the only ones who think this. Many dogs also like to spend their time by the pool or at the beach on a scorching summer day. In fact, they get dressed up just like we do (even though the best way to keep them cool is no clothes at all). What’s better than a dog that swims: a dog that swims in a swimming suit! Check out the adorable pups below decked out in their summer outfits.Seeing her happy makes us happy.

Be careful though, this German Shepherd looks ready to chew on some of his towel.

When they’re not swimming, they enjoy floating around.

This bold red outfit will be hard to miss in a crowd of average dogs.

This Terrier looks ready for his luau.

Can I be you?

This pooch looks ready to pick up some chicks by the pool.

You don’t wanna mess with this brother.

This pup knows what she’s doing. And look at those cute heart shaped sunnies!

You just gotta work with what you got.

How much do you charge for surfing lessons?

At least not for this dog. He’s ready to doggie paddle in every body of water he sees.

Your revealing bikini says it all.

This pup is clearly ready to get out of the office already with his adorable fedora hat and floral print shirt.

Take a note from this pug and crochet your own bikini this season.

How much more fabulous can she get?

That she wore for the first time today.

A daring choice but I think she pulled it off.

I’m dying from the amount of cuteness in this photo.

And I’m just playing in the sand.

This Pomeranian likes to keep it conservative.

Can’t get any better than this.

And this pup is here to prove it.

Don’t get in her way! She’s ready to swim laps around everyone else.

She’ll definitely be turning heads at the lake today.