Dog Trapped In Dark Basement For 5 Years Finally Discovers Happiness.

Dog Trapped In Dark Basement For 5 Years Finally Discovers Happiness. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

England has certainly had a lot happening lately. They have been topping the news headlines for the last several weeks now and it really hasn’t been good news. Another story happened over there recently that got kind of lost in the shuffle with all of the recent events in the country. In Leeds an abandoned dog was found in the basement of an abandoned building. He had been there for about five years and had been living on rats and insects. When he was found he was in such bad shape nobody even knew if he was a dog. Nobody knew which end was the front either, that’s how bad he was. Three months later he is happy and healthy and recovering nicely!This poor guy was abandoned in a basement for five years. He ate rats to survive until he was finally rescued.

The little guy was found in the basement of an abandoned building. You won’t believe how well he was doing just three months later.

People who lived nearby guessed that he was about five years old. He ate insects and rats to stay alive all that time.

Just three months into it though he is doing great. He is well on his way to a full recovery and will eventually lead a normal life.

The people who found him brought him over to the local vet immediately. At first the vet wasn’t even really sure as to what it was.

His hair and skin were filled with dirt and grime. It had gotten so hard it shattered when it was touched.

In order not to hurt him when they cleaned him up, they had to anesthetize him. It was the only way they could get everything off of him.

The entire world was shocked at the pictures when they were released. When he was found he was unrecognizable.

He was left in a basement of an abandoned building. He was very sick and dirty and had obviously not eaten properly in a very long time.

It took an entire team to save his life and get him on the road to being healthy again. At first they didn’t even know what they were dealing with.

As you can see by the previous shocking pictures, they couldn’t even find his face. Now he looks proud to have survived.

His hair was so dirty it actually broke off when touched. You know it’s bad when a vet can’t tell the difference from the front to the back.

His hair was so nasty that it resulted in one of his legs getting stuck on his one of his ears. There is no telling how long he stayed like that.

Before they started removing the severely matted hair, they weren’t even sure it was a dog. They really had no idea what it was.

It took a long time to remove all of the hair. They did their best not to hurt him but unfortunately it did hurt him a little from time to time during the process. There just isn’t any kind of precedent for something like this.

Amanda Sands, who was one of the people who helped save him, said “In 30 years I’ve been working with animals I’ve never seen such a horrible and shocking case.” After seeing the photos you have to agree with her.

Sands added that “It did not look like a dog.” From the photos we can see, who could disagree with her?

It took a lot of work to save him but it was well worth it. Now he is on the road to being healthy.

Once his coat grows back in he will look great. He already has gained a lot of weight from eating healthy.

He is very appreciative to those who found him. Soon he will be welcomed into a loving home where he will continue to be healthy and happy.

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