23 Really Funny Dog Tumblrs That Make You Laugh Out Loud.

23 Really Funny Dog Tumblrs That Make You Laugh Out Loud. December 8, 2018

Tumblr is just another blogging site where people share various photos and stories. It’s also a blogging site where you’ll catch some of the funniest images, especially of animals. So we’ve taken the liberty to compile some of the funniest dog related Tumblr posts below. It’s not just the photos that make the post funny, but also the captions that go along with them! Be prepared to laugh a lot. The best part about these posts is that they remind us why dogs really are mankind’s best friends.Happy birthday Mr smiley! You can make anyone smile with your smile.

They’re the perfect match because they both give wet kisses!

That look you give when the opponent has figured you out!

The little one just can’t figure out where he went wrong.

Why being a comformist? This dog will be successful in life.

This is the best testifier you could possibly get in court.

If you have ever been hit by a dogs tail, you know how hard they can wag it.

Dogs really do take after their owners.

The camouflage level here is superior.

Oh Dr. Evan Antin always blessing the Internet with the cutest pictures.

That dog HAS to have superpowers.

This is how you gain a dog’s trust.

This is so sweet, I can’t handle it.

Maybe you should let the old dog play with the new pup!

When you have that one friend who’s always extra.

It’s always the ones you least expect.

He’s really is the black sheep.

This is the most pawsome thing I’ve ever seen.

You cocky little thing, you.

I really almost didn’t notice him.

Some birds are just really mean jerks.

When you feel seaweed brush against your leg.