The Guide Dog Foundation Has A Dream Job For Puppy Lovers.

The Guide Dog Foundation Has A Dream Job For Puppy Lovers. November 24, 2019

Most people don’t have a clue what socializing a dog means. But it’s actually quite simple. It involves teaching dogs to get comfortable in any environment, especially around humans of all ages. Now, this might seem trivial, but it’s really important, especially when you want a dog to behave in public, whether it’s at a store or on the streets. But it also benefits dogs who are training to be service animals. So, the Guide Dog Foundation is offering people the chance to raise their puppies. In return, you can feel good knowing that what you teach them will help people with disabilities lead better lives.There’s a puppy raising program that wants your help today. You take an 8-week-old puppy and care for its fluffy cuteness for the next 14 to 18 months. With your tender loving care, your puppy will be ready for the next phase of his life, the certified training program.

You take your puppy everywhere you go because service dogs need to be comfortable in any situation that involves human interaction. So, you’ll have to show it off everywhere, including malls, bus stops, schools, parties, and restaurants.

You can cuddle and play with them all you want. But remember, you also have to take on the role of a teacher. As a raiser, you’ll need to teach them basic commands of obedience, and attend classes at the foundation twice a month.

Eventually, you’ll have to give your pooch up to the Guide Dog Foundation. Don’t worry. You’ll still get monthly reports on their progress, and once their training is complete, you’re allowed to attend their graduation and meet the person they’ll be paired with.

The Guide Dog Foundation is cool with repeat raisers. Besides, they have lots of puppies begging for guidance. So, fill out an application. Once you get interviewed and accepted, you’ll be on your way to making the world a better place for disabled people.