Guy Kicked Down Door To Walk His Dog… Best $200 He Ever Spent.

Guy Kicked Down Door To Walk His Dog… Best $200 He Ever Spent. October 11, 2018

When it comes to our pets, there isn’t really much we wouldn’t do for them. They’re a member of our family, even if it’s just a small family of two. We love them so much we would even climb a building to come to their rescue, should they need us, or skip dinner a few times just to pay for their food. But for 17-year.old Ty Parker, loving his pet comes with a hefty price. The Los Angeles based guy came home and discovered he had left his keys somewhere. Instead of waiting to find them, he decided to take down the door so he could take his dog, Forrest Gump, out for a walk.The 17-year-old lives with his dog Forrest in Los Angeles, California. They spend a lot of time together, going on several walks a day, sometimes up to 6!

Dogs tend to get frantic and stressed out when they’re locked for so many hours. Forrest needs to run a lot, because according to his owner, he could stay up until 5 a.m. running around.

His dog patiently waited inside. But Ty couldn’t remember where he left the keys, and after frantically looking for them, he decided to take the door down.

Kicking and forcing the door, Ty took apart the lock and ended up breaking in, all so he could see his adorable dog who was a bit freaked out.

Needless to say, the pup was thrilled to see Ty walk through that door. The stunt will end up costing him around $200 to replace the lock, and close to $900 to replace the door entirely. Ty says he wasn’t thinking.

Ty discovered he had left his keys at the restaurant where he was, a few moments earlier before kicking the door down. All expenses aside, it’s refreshing to see just how much pets mean to an owner!