Dog With Crooked Legs Rescued From South Korean Meat Farm Is Living A Happy Life Now.

Dog With Crooked Legs Rescued From South Korean Meat Farm Is Living A Happy Life Now. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We may call dogs our best friends, but it seems painfully obvious that if dogs could talk, they’d totally feel the exact opposite about us, at least some of them would. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the time to appreciate how loyal and selfless these creatures truly are. In fact, one dog, who was raised in a slaughter house, had just about given up hope, but then, something amazing happened, and now you wouldn’t believe the life he has.Unfortunately, in certain parts of the world, dog meat is a kind of delicacy, so rather than seeing them as a friendly pet, they’re subjected to cruelty and abuse in a slaughter house, until their eventual end.

In this so called farm, dogs were being raised in deplorable conditions, where they would eventually be slaughtered for their meat, and their way of life was anything but ideal.

O’Meara, who’s the senior director of companion animals and engagement for Humane Society International (HSI), knew these dogs had no reason to live within their confined space.

Now try and imagine what metal feels like in the winter where the temperatures are absolutely freezing. Even with a dog’s natural coat, the sensation must have been horrible.

He has agreed to shut down the farm and claims he will never sell dog meat again, and in exchange, the HSI will set him on a path to a brand new career, possibly growing crops.

They were taken to the U.S. to get proper treatment, but one dog in particular touched O’Meara’s heart. It was a mastiff named Minsu, and it had deformed front legs too.

She knew he had it bad, but his condition wasn’t from the poor living conditions. It was actually a genetic defect, which made Minsu’s life even more miserable.

After vaccinating, she made sure that he was put into foster care with Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue in Pennsylvania, where this man could shower the loveable mastiff with plenty of affection.

O-Meara will also make sure that his stomach is always full, something that he and his fellow inmates never got at the farm. It was clear that Minsu hadn’t been well cared for during his incarceration.

According to Pet Benoit, the founder of Mastiffs to Mutts Rescue, he had to adjust to the time difference from Korea versus the U.S. and he didn’t get much sleep. Blankets also terrified him, but eventually, he adjusted, and Benoit now hopes that his human foster family will adopt him permanently.

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