Dog’s Reaction To Mom’s Voice After 9 Months Apart Will Give You All The Feels.

Dog’s Reaction To Mom’s Voice After 9 Months Apart Will Give You All The Feels. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you own a dog, then you know you don’t need any type of validation to know that they love you unconditionally. Now some people believe that dogs are incapable of emotions. But what do they know? If dogs have proven anything, it’s that they’re extremely loyal and they love their human family more than life itself. You can tell right away that this is true by the way your dog reacts to you the moment you walk through the door. They jump up and down, wag their tail, and bark a few times. But do you think that a dog would recognize their owner after spending nine months apart?Anyone who has ever been forced to leave a pet because they had to go on a business trip or had to relocate to another country because of a job can appreciate what Oriany had to go through when she moved away 9 months ago.

But a part of you would feel a whole lot better if you and your pet were living together all the time. But that wasn’t the case for Oriany.

It had been a couple of months, but Oriany decided to give it a shot and try using FaceTime to video chat with the pup. On Twitter, she wrote: “I have gone nine months without seeing my dog. Today I tried this way to see if she recognized me. I’m still crying.”

Unfortunately, some folks online saw the video and criticized Oriany for leaving her pet behind. But Layla was being cared for by Oriany’s parents. So even though she couldn’t be there, she took comfort in knowing that the two people who had loved and cared for her all of her life were now caring for Layla.

The pooch relied more on her sense of hearing to determine that it was Oriany. Once it clicked in her head who it was that was talking to her, Layla started jumping for joy and she turned to the TV as if expecting Oriany to come walking through the door at any moment.

Oriany went on Instagram and wrote: “It’s amazing how you remember me. You are my life! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Soon we’ll be together!!” This video just comes to prove that Layla has a broad spectrum of emotions, and it’s simply adorable.

**You can appreciate the heartwarming moment when technology reunited Oriany and Layla even more so when you play this video.**

Tengo 9 meses sin ver a mi perrita. Hoy intenté esta manera a ver si me reconocía.. todavía sigo llorando. pic.twitter.com/VWCnMjMTrO — Oriany De Oliveira (@deoliveiraori) April 29, 2018

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