Man Sends Adorable Texts While Babysitting Granddog.

Man Sends Adorable Texts While Babysitting Granddog. December 29, 2019

If you’re the parent to a furry friend, then you know how difficult it can be to leave them behind when you have things to do. You watch their sad eyes peeking out from the window as you get into the car to go get groceries. While you’re gone you can’t help but think about what they’re doing, hoping they aren’t missing you too much. There may even be some times when you have to leave them for a little longer. When this happens, you have to leave your furbaby in the hands of a trusted individual. This daughter left her dog with her dad and the updates he sent her are absolutely adorable!While most of the time Meghan is taking care of Chance, on this occasion things were a bit different. Meghan would need to find someone to watch her beloved pet.

While she was gone someone would have to take care of Chance. Who would she be able find to look after him?

Since he had no grandchildren to spend time with, Chance was the next best thing. And the texts he would send to Meghan proved he absolutely loved it!

He got to go on a picnic with his grandpa, and even went to the nail salon! He looks like he sure was having a great time.

Chance certainly doesn’t seem to be complaining about that bowl of ice cream in front of him. Apparently vanilla is his favorite kind!

He even got his bedtime cuddles. I bet his grandpa liked them as much as he did!

After she was reunited with her pup, she posted all of her dad’s messages on Twitter. It didn’t take long before she had over 150,000 likes!