26 Diligent Dogs Who Are Taking Over The Workforce.

26 Diligent Dogs Who Are Taking Over The Workforce. February 28, 2020

You’ve heard of some dogs resembling their humans. But did you ever imagine that they could one day take over the workforce? You probably hoped that it would never happen because finding a decent job isn’t easy. But we can still bask at how silly man’s best friend would look if they dressed up as cops, or a doctor… or would that be a dogtor? Well, unfortunately for all of you looking for work or a better job, you’ll have to get in line because these four-legged creatures are making careers for themselves doing what many of us probably wouldn’t dare do. So here are some top jobs that dogs are best at.This is Buddy and he sniffs out chemicals in fires that are suspicious to help put arsonists in prison.

Babar acts as a therapy dog, which is so soothing and makes a root canal easier to handle.

He’s there to guarantee that people are able to enjoy all sorts of winter activities in Tignes, France.

These LCC comfort dogs from South Florida provide love, hope, comfort and lots of smiles too.

Now the stray, who once hovered on a farmer’s porch, is working for Pet Partners as a therapy dog.

Who needs a babysitter when you have this furry guy watching over a kid left outside a barn.

They’re like a biological health detector that warns a diabetic if they’re insulin is dangerously low.

Boomer and Dandy are currently in training on a suspension bridge to become seeing eye dogs.

These Maremma dogs are on the job to keep penguins safe from foxes during breeding season in Middle Island.

This pooch is helping to restore a forest damaged by a fire by spreading native seeds across the ground.

These search and rescue dogs help to find survivors in dire need of assistance after a disaster strikes.

You’ll certainly cool off, no matter how angry or stressed you are when you look into these eyes.

He volunteers 3 days a week at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg and makes everyone a little happier.

He was abandoned in a house fire when he was 3. Ironically, he now works alongside firefighters too.

This Scottish sales dog is really making a killing in the sales cause he’s a wee bit cute and friendly.

If stores started replacing salespeople with Shiba Inus, customers would probably complain less.

This K9 who goes by the name Axel is training the next generation of law enforcement. Aren’t they cute?

Woodstock, a service dog, cheers on Amy Dixon, an elite blind triathlete who’s about to go for a swim.

But when you need someone that’s fast, agile, efficient, and not an actor, trust these lifeguard dogs.

Pearl the canine was added to the payroll to serve as the hotel’s official canine relations officer.

Dogs like this one are trained to sniff out anything suspicious that could ultimately endanger our lives.

Bentley of the San Gabriel Police Department has a nice comfy office in his human partner’s cop car.

This guy recalls how being a musher was so much easier when he had these pooches guiding his sled.

This U.S. Air Force combat dog was chilling out on an M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Iraq in 2007.

This is Bob and he loves helping out by watching over the herd and keeping them safe from predators.

Connor’s role in Australia’s Kosciuszko National Park is to detect invasive weeds before they spread.