If You Love Dogs, You Will Love These Tweets.

If You Love Dogs, You Will Love These Tweets. August 22, 2020

Twitter is a world on its own. And what happens on Twitter NEVER stays on Twitter! As a matter of fact, it just might go viral! And these hysterical tweets about dogs are the type of pick-me-up you need on a Wednesday. Dogs can be super pleasant and adorable creatures, but their shenanigans can leave you dumbfounded. Sometimes, it feels like these furry creatures are as unpredictable as they are cute. Not only are these tweets freaking hilarious, but some of these might make you forget there’s still two more days ‘til Friday.He’s hoping no other dogs in the neighborhood see this. A braided tail can get him shunned by his peers.

It turns out that it was a joke. He was wearing a light-up necklace under the coat, but it’s still hilarious!

But how many dogs in the neighborhood have a circle of friends this big? And they’re so photogenic!

This dog was on the trampoline for a few seconds, and let’s just say it was an electrifying experience.

That dog is such a gossip! But can you blame him? The dog next door is cheating on his boyfriend.

Lennu seems to be making fun of his owners and the Finnish President is certainly not amused by this.

He looks so darn happy. Just look at that smile. Hopefully, no one tells him it’s just a guy in a dog suit.

One of the dogs looks angry, and one of them looks worried. Did someone stray in this relationship?

He honestly looks like a little baby, and you have to love the way he poses like an Instagram model.

We give him kudos for going gangster with the reverse cap, but he’s too fluffy and cute to be a bad boy.

It’s like he’s saying, “Have a seat. You and I need to have a little talk.” It looks like you’re in big trouble.

The dog is actually long necked, but you’d swear this dog came from outer space after this camera fail.

After ruining the game, he used Monopoly money to pose like Demi Moore in “Indecent Proposal.”

Dogs eat remote controls, and they have no remorse, so think about that next time you ignore him.

Clearly, the dog is happy.

He’s determined to hang on for dear life, and there’s no way you’re getting him in that bath tub.

You came up with all of these “punny” celebrity names for your new dog and your wife won’t budge.

It’s tough to judge a dog chasing after its own tail when you’re just as easily entertained as they are.

He was busy tearing the entire garden while looking for that buried bone, and now he’s in trouble.