Dolphin Plays Hide-And-Seek With Dog On Boat , And It’s Going To Melt Your Heart.

Dolphin Plays Hide-And-Seek With Dog On Boat , And It’s Going To Melt Your Heart. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

You’re probably wondering how a Rottweiler-Husky mix named Lucy and a dolphin named Gus could ever become friends. After all, when you think of your dog and how he or she reacts whenever you try to give them a bath, you realize that some dogs just don’t like the water. But dolphins do! It’s their proverbial playground and where they live, eat, and do things that all living creatures do. But somehow, this unlikely duo managed to meet and they hit it off right away, and despite the fact that they have very little in common, they don’t have to explain their friendship to anyone, because it simply works!You can tell that Lucy is adorable by the way that she licked her best friend, Cliff Gilchrist’s face, who also happens to be a charter company owner. Lucy smooched Gilchrist while they sailed through the waters near Captiva Island in Southwest Florida. Gilchrist and Lucy were also joined by Eileen McGunagle on this charter trip.

You see, Lucy has been venturing on these charter trips since she was a tiny puppy, so she has definitely grown some proverbial sea legs. This came in handy when Lucy befriended an animal who popped out from under the sea.

Dolphins are like the ultimate sea ambassadors, and one particular dolphin named Gus was more than happy to exchange smiles with Lucy, and let’s just say that the their encounter was both paw-some and fin-tastic all at the same time.

Soon enough, people were posting adorable comments about how amazing it was that Lucy was barely able to control herself from jumping into the water to go hang out with her dolphin BFF the instant Gus showed up.

For a lot of folks who bring their dogs along when they head out to sea, it seems difficult, if not impossible, to keep them from heading into the water, especially since there are lots of sea creatures that can peak a pooch’s curiosity.

It seems like if you happen to take a dog with you on the boat, you’d need to remember to keep a tight leash on it just in case. Kuntz almost made the mistake of not putting a leash on her dog and she believes her pooch would have followed a dolphin out to sea.

Gus is her friend, and she practically puts herself at risk every time in order to get close to the boat’s edge, so that her nose practically touches the dolphin’s beak. In fact, it looks like Gus wouldn’t mind it if Lucy would do more than play hide-and-seek and finally join him for a swim.

**Check out Eileen McGunagle video, which shows Gus the dolphin seemingly tempting Lucy the dog to join him in the water. The interaction between them will make you believe in the power of friendship.**

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