Donald Trump’s Extravagant Lifestyle In 30 Photos.

Donald Trump’s Extravagant Lifestyle In 30 Photos. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Everyone knows who Donald Trump is. He was born into a wealthy family and he did nothing to ruin that standing. His father was a successful real estate guru but Donald took the family to heights that were never imagined. Every father that owns a business hopes for a son that can continue what he built. Donald’s dad had no idea what Donald would actually accomplish. Proud would probably be the understatement of the year. At a very young age, Trump was able to experience the finer things in life. He wasn’t satisfied with that though. He just kept going and going until he took his dad’s successful business and turned it into a mega-business. Along the way, Trump became one of the richest men in the world. If you haven’t seen any photos that show off his wealth yet, you’ll see a bunch of them here today. If you have seen some already, today you’ll see even more pictures that show off Trump’s incredible wealth. Expensive cars, helicopters, private jets, and yachts are how Mr. Trump travels and when he arrives at one of his homes there is nothing short of extreme luxury waiting for him. You’ll see plenty of examples of this in just a few moments.Trump was born into a VERY wealthy family. From his earliest days, he’s had anything that he ever wanted. Not many young men have a Rolls like this one.

This was the original caption for this photo that was snapped back in 1976. Look at the license plate. He never has been one for anonymity.

There is no mistaking who is in the air when this chopper flies over.

This $20 million dollar golf course in Washington D.C. is just one of several in the area.

It’s something that comes with the territory. Sort of like an unwritten rule. Have tons of money?… then you have a limo.

However, this beauty only comes to those that have extreme wealth!

Not that this one comes cheap. Trust me, it doesn’t!

This car is 13 years old and it is still one of the sleekest ever built. The average person will never own one.

Nothing can increase your social status like owning an Indy Pace car!

When there isn’t enough time to drive Trump hops on board his Boeing 727-23. It must be nice, huh?

Inside the jet is nicer than most people’s homes!

This living room has wings and it is extremely expensive!

You really didn’t think that Trump’s personal jet didn’t have a bedroom in it, did you?

He is always looking for the next dollar. That doesn’t come to those that nap!

This looks more like a painting than an actually winery.

Melania was born in Slovenia and she will be the second foreign-born First Lady of the US. Louisa Adams was the first in 1825.

It’s located at the top of Trump Tower in New York City. When your name is on the building you have enough money to brag a little.

The inside of the penthouse looks like something from a fairy tale.

Not many can boast having a view like this one in their living room.

“Trump: The Art of the Deal” was a #1 best seller. It just another way to make some cash!

Located in Palm Beach, Florida, this is just another of Trump’s very expensive hangouts.

It doesn’t look like a one family home does it? Not in the least!

At one time, Trump owned this mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. There is nothing cheap anywhere in Greenwich.

It came complete with a heated indoor pool. Life must have been rough back in those days, right?

Why not take in a movie in your very own theater after a swim, right?

The view in Greenwich during a meal is simply spectacular!

You don’t think Trump had expensive cars, a jet and a helicopter but didn’t own a yacht did you? This was his at one point.

The luxury on the vessel easily rivals the luxury on his jet.

He ran for President by funding most of his campaign with his own money. That’s not something we see every day. Most candidates are always begging for money and holding fund raisers for their campaigns. Not Trump though, and he won the election despite that. A self funded, victorious campaign is just another chapter of Trump’s success.

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