Don’t Get A Second Dog Without Taking These 9 Essential Steps.

Don’t Get A Second Dog Without Taking These 9 Essential Steps. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs are friendly by nature. They love to interact both with humans and other canines. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to introducing a new pup in a house already with other dogs. The dog already living with the family may feel threatened and even jealous of the new addition. It is no different of a human sibling having to share being the center of attention with a newborn. Here’s a list of nine things that should be definitely kept in mind when bringing home a new dog.Your first pup needs to be healthy, active, and up-to-date with all its vet appointments.

Bringing a new animal to the family is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.

While the landlord may have been ok with one dog, two may be pushing it. Go over your lease as it usually highlights those expectations.

This is important as it highlights that you have spent time with your dog.

An expensive breed or a canine from a rescue deserve love equally. Every year about 3.9 million dogs find themselves in shelters waiting for their forever home.

It’s exciting to have a new pup but have you gone over your finances? You have to have enough money to keep your pup fed and groomed. Not to mention all the vet visits. Make sure you can genuinely afford a new dog.

You already know the amount of time, love, and patience it took to care of your first canine, can you do that again? You also have to remember of the adjustment time for the old and new dog. They might not bond right away.

You will now need two leashes, kennels, harness, carriers to take your two canines to the park, vet, or a road trip.

Consider waiting a year or two if you are expecting or have a baby at home already. A baby is time consuming and it’s unfair to the dog to be neglected because of another priority.

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