15 Weird Photos Will Make You Do A Double Take.

15 Weird Photos Will Make You Do A Double Take. April 12, 2020

The Internet is full of all kinds of ridiculous pictures, and you can’t help but stumble across them. Most of time they’re normal and don’t grab your attention, like pictures of people’s lunch, but these pictures will definitely make you do a double take. Like this picture. Imagine waking up and looking at that! At first you might question your actions from the night before. Then you’d realize that it’s just your dog. Well, you better hope that it’s just your dog.

They said it was supposed to be a casual event, but this woman must have thought that mean that clothing was optional. We’re not ones to judge, because let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t feel like getting dressed. Also, the fewer clothes you wear just means you don’t have to do as much laundry, and no laundry sounds good to us. In fact, “no laundry” would be a great slogan for a nudist colony. We’re sure that this woman would be the first to sign up.

“Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow…” Everyone knows the infamous jingle, and let us apologize now for getting it stuck in your head. But if you can’t get out of bed to feed your cat, then your cat is going to take this into his own paws. And since you can’t seem to remember to feed him, he might not remember where you put his litter box to teach you a lesson. This is all hypothetical, of course.

We believe in not judging others, so if this woman has an overabundance of body hair, that’s just a beautiful thing. There are some people who just grow more hair than others and don’t feel like going through all of the trouble of shaving, waxing, or getting electrolysis. She may look like a bit like a caveman, but she’s rocking it with pride. Get it girl!

They were doing a great job, mostly because of the great work number 87 was doing. He could throw, block, and he could run, too. There was nothing he couldn’t do. They were undefeated, headed to the final game. The championship was up for grabs. All of a sudden, disaster struck. Number 87 lost his head! They were able to find it and he’s now on the road to a full recovery. He had to sit out for the rest of the season, but he sure is a trooper.

If you’re like us you can’t take your eyes off of this. Or you look away for a second and then look right back. It’s honestly really creepy. Did she put makeup on her hands? And if she did, how did she do it? In order to create this crazy optical illusion, everything had to be lined up perfect – the eyeliner, the mascara, the eyeshadow, and the eyebrows. Regardless of how this was done, it’s incredible! You definitely tripped us out.

Well, aren’t you just a ladies man? Look at him, completely surrounded by beautiful women that look happy just to be near him. Honestly, their legs are saying it all. We’re not ones to judge – remember the no judgment thing – but we don’t think it’s exactly ladylike to spread your legs open like that for a picture. We have a bit of advice for you: Be careful, because the Internet never forgets. Oh, that’s not her leg? Never mind then.

Yay! Just look at those pups. Such cute little guys. How are they…. oh my, it’s like they’re a two-headed monster. We’ve heard of designer breeds like Labradoodles and cockapoos, but why do people have to mess with everything? People are going a little too far with the genetic modification thing. Why can’t we just let dogs be dogs? We’re always trying to change things. But dogs really are amazing, no matter how they look.

Apparently, this deli in Russia hires people that have heads made out of meat. We’re not entirely sure what this guy is made out of – kielbasa? Ham? Maybe some sausage? We just bet that all of the women are dying to get his phone number. It’s not easy to find a meaty man, so they’re gonna try to get a hold of him and never let him go. We prefer our men to be plant-based, but to each their own, right?

It’s so great to see a picture of people smiling and having a really great time. It’s obvious that they’re at a party or celebration of some sort. It looks like so much fun! And they’re definitely drinking, which can be a lot of fun, too. We have no idea what he’s drinking, but we’re not too concerned about his glass. We want to know what’s up with her drink. It looks a bit…stiff. It sure was a tall order.

When you first take a look, it appears that these girls are conjoined twins like the amazing Brittany and Abby Hensel. But those twins are off doing some pretty amazing things, like teaching students, driving cars, and living a pretty normal life, despite being conjoined. But back to these girls. Even though they look similar, and obviously have a close bond, they’re definitely not twins. But better to have two heads than one we always say!

We’d like to think that the first thing you noticed in this picture was how excited that dog looks. And his owner, too! Just look at those pearly whites. The dog’s most likely excited because…well, he’s a dog. They’re always excited. But the guy. He’s obviously excited because he has no shame in baring it all for the world to see. We hate to say it, because he’s probably a really great guy, but he’s kind of hung like a puppy. A very small puppy.

Yoga has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but it’s definitely gone through some changes. Yoga is great for focusing on your breath and stretching and enlightenment, but it’s also good for making incredible connections with classmates. Connections that lead to actual physical transformations. Now when you do downward dog, you’ll actually put your head into your partner’s behind! It takes a bit of dedication and commitment, but people say it’s amazing! We’ll just stick to solo yoga.

This picture is making us do a double, triple, and quadruple take, just to make sure that our legs are still underneath us. But apparently, this woman just doesn’t have any legs. But that definitely doesn’t explain how she’s levitating in the hallway of that hotel. She’s super casual about it, too. Flipping her hair, bags in hand, acting like she’s not defying gravity. What kind of witchcraft is this?

They thought it would be fun to invite over a few friends for a nice day on the farm. The kids could play basketball while the grownups grilled some food. Then they could move to the barn to eat and catch up with one another. But then someone invited Bob. Bob has literally no shame, and to be completely honest, he’s extremely proud of his body. So Bob had no problem walking around all day in his bathing suit with his little friend just hanging out. Please don’t be like Bob. It makes people uncomfortable.