Look What Doughboy From ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Is Doing Now.

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"Boyz N Da Hood" came out in 1991.

If you never watched *Boyz N Da Hood*, then you definitely did not grow up in the 90s. Regardless of what era you grew up in though, *Boyz N Da Hood* is a great film that everyone should watch. After all, it got nominated for two Academy Awards and was selected to be in the National Film Registry (just saying). For those of you who did watch the movie — how many of you remember Doughboy? Obviously the adult Doughboy was played by Ice Cube, but we're talking about the kid version who was played by Baha Jackson. After his role, he kind of went MIA for awhile. The information on his current whereabouts have surfaced and you'll never guess what he does now.It was an American teen hood drama film that was directed by John Singleton.
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At the time, it was filmed in South Central Los Angeles, California.

The filming took place between October 1st to November 28th, 1990 and finally released on July 12, 1991.
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The film was nominated in the 64th Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

This made the Singleton the very first African-American to ever be nominated for an Academy award.
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But the recognition for the film doesn't stop there.

The United States Library of Congress deemed the movie "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." The film was also chosen for preservation in the National Film Registry.
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Rapper Ice Cube's first breakthrough acting role was in "Boyz N Da Hood."

Because the movie was such a hit, it rocket-launched Ice Cube's career along with his status.
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Another actor from the film that left a memorable performance was Baha Jackson.

He played the infamous role of "Doughboy." Do you remember who in the film that was?
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If you watched the movie, there's no way you could forget him.

He was the boy who played the kid version of Ice Cube's character.
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And if you remember his role, then you'll definitely remember the following lines.

Doughboy: “That’s my lady, homie, her name is Brandy.” Ricky: “Man, she ain’t your woman, she my woman.” Doughboy: “How can she be your woman, when she my lady?”
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Can you believe they were only about 10 and 11 years old when they cited those lines?

But there was something about the way they said it that just made it sound right coming out of their young mouths.
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Doughboy actually lives a completely different life now than before.

He had a few minor roles after "Boyz N Da Hood" but nothing that actually influenced his real future career path.
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Shortly after "Boyz N Da Hood," Jackson took on a small role in "Poetic Justice."

You might have not remembered his role but he was in there. And his ironic character's name: Baha.
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Aside from "Poetic Justice," Jackson also appeared in two other small roles.

He took on small character roles in the films "3 Ninjas" and "Mr. Jones." After those films, he mysteriously disappeared.
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Today at the age of 38 years old, "Doughboy" has gone down an unexpected career path.

It's definitely not something we would have guessed.
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Are you ready for it? He is now... an executive chef!

A man who used to play the a character named "Doughboy" is now an actual dough boy, running his own restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia! The best part: he calls himself Chef Dough.

Although his life much more lowkey now, he's loving the chef life.

And according to the photo below, the ladies love Chef Dough! This might be an implication of how good his cooking is.

Here's a snapshot of him hanging out on the floor.

Not sure what exactly is going on in this photo, but we think it's safe to assume that it's just Baha being silly.

Although he's aged a bunch since the film, you can still recognize him.

If you pay close attention to his face, you can still see the resemblance of the young character he played.

Jackson was arrested back in 2013.

What he was charged with is unknown. Details on his arrest are difficult to find.

Nonetheless, whatever it was, it's obvious that he's moved on.

It looks like he's made amends and put that behind him. He seems content with where his life is now.

Aside from the former arrest, he has been on the straight and narrow.

He's too busy cooking up some delicious food to be involved in anything else.
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It's never too late to change your path in life.

Even if it's a drastic change, it's doable -- especially if it's to improve your life for the better.
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You can look at Jackson as a prime example.

He went from Doughboy to Chef Dough and look at how happy he is now!
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And judging from this photo, it looks like he's made a happy family too.

Hopefully those kids know their father is more than just a really good cook -- he's a retired star!
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With his new job as an executive chef, we wonder if anyone recognizes him at work.

Although there is still a small resemblance of his younger self, he looks pretty different for the most part.
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It's always nice finding out where celebrities are now after going MIA.

Those of us who did watch "Boyz N Da Hood" back in the day, we will always remember him as "Doughboy."
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