One Man’s Kindness To Dragonfly During Baseball Game Touched Everyone Watching.

One Man’s Kindness To Dragonfly During Baseball Game Touched Everyone Watching. May 28, 2021

Baseball has been one of the greatest pastimes of the United States ever since it began in 1869. Ever since then, people from all over the country enjoy heading to the field for a hot dog, beer, and of course, the ability to watch their favorite players. When this Reddit user went to a Major League Baseball game, she never thought that she would run into this incredible experience.It was an extremely windy day, and as soon as Nic sat down to watch the game, she noticed that someone was struggling with the wind. But this someone wasn’t a baseball player, a fan, or even the coaches.

“I distinctly remember saying to myself, ‘What a good workout that miniature aircraft is getting in all this wind … What a powerhouse!’ The dragonfly was definitely working very hard,” said Nic. The stadium was full of people, and it seemed as if the struggling dragonfly was never going to find a safe to land.

Instead of brushing the dragonfly away, as most people would, the man stayed calm and allowed the dragonfly to take a relaxing rest. As each inning passed, the man didn’t attempt to move the dragonfly even once!

When the vendor asked the man if he wanted something, Nic heard the man reply: “I’d gladly take a beer, but only if you can come to me. As you can see, I can’t move right now. This little guy is having a rest.”

“When the dragonfly finally flew off, we all noticed. There was a collective, ‘Ahh.’ Especially from the man himself,” said Nic. “The man did such a simple act of friendship to a small creature and didn’t ask for anything in return,” she said. “It made me smile and still does.”