26 Cats Who Are So Overdramatic They Deserve An Oscar.

26 Cats Who Are So Overdramatic They Deserve An Oscar. April 23, 2019

You’ll be surprised how similar some animals are to us humans. Just like how our species has its drama queens, so does the animal kingdom. Can you guess which animal is the most dramatic? They’re cute and soft and will leave you scratch marks the moment they feel threatened. Yup, you guessed it — cats. Some of their reactions are so overly dramatic, it’s priceless. They just can’t help but to overly express their emotions, and it’s absolutely hilarious to witness. Check out some of the most over dramatic cats below (they all deserve Oscars).But she didn’t know her cat was capable of such a face.

“Wait… is this China!?”

He literally looks like a statue in that stance.

“You disgust me. Get out of my face.”

“Oh that’s nii… what the hell did you just do?”

So… I… Can… Kill… You…

“Franz, Romenz, Countrymenz, lend me your ears, or perhaps…. your kitty treats.”

“Do you pinky promise?”

No wonder the cat looks so petrified.

“Do you think, honey, sometimes I am attached a bit too much?”

“There was room n the raft, Rose. At least give him the life vest.”

Makes you wonder what the cat witnessed…

“Oh, no. Turns out they were siblings….”

This cat was obviously born in the wrong era.

“What … what’s that God forsaken smell!?”

This horrible indignity calls for the ultimate revenge!

Maybe you should change your outfit.

“Do you want to have my blood on your hands?!”


“Oh mah gawd, I thought she was going for the vacuum, false alarm.”

“It called me… I had too…”

In all actuality, this is his way of stretching and scratching.

At first he appears calm, and then it just goes downhill from there.

But she wasn’t ready for all of this.

I’d go to sleep with one eye open, if I were this cat’s owner.

He was obviously plotting his revenge the entire way home.