Driver’s Stroke Of Creativity Helped Her Dodge Parking Ticket.

Driver’s Stroke Of Creativity Helped Her Dodge Parking Ticket. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s not so easy to avoid getting a parking ticket nowadays, let’s be honest. But a woman from the UK came up with a brilliant plan to persuade the cops to get rid of her fine. How did she manage to do it? Well, by thinking on her feet, and her response was unbelievably epic.

We all know, more or less, where we can and cannot park, no matter where you are around the world. Yet, some folks decide to wing it and park wherever they please. But what happens to those who seriously stick by the rules of society and abide by the law, but simply didn’t have a choice? So you might only park there for a few minutes, but is the risk worth it?

If you’ve got your driver’s license, then you for sure know that you cannot park your car on double yellow lines. But what happens if a situation forces you do it anyway? Jane Parsons had recently faced this dilemma and was fined over leaving her car in front of her home in Salisbury, England. Why did this happen? She had left her car in an area that was decorated with these pretty illegal yellow lines.

Some might disagree, but others would say Jane didn’t have a choice, and therefore, cops should give her a pass. But once she had finished going on her run, she came back to find that there was a ticket waiting for her on her windshield. That’s when she took a minute to think of a way to explain what had happened.

Do you think you’d get to sweet talk your way our of a complicated situation? I mean, if your words can get you out of hot water, why not give it a shot? It might end up working in your favor. If you drive a car, you know how annoying it is to get slapped by a fine, particularly when you feel like you don’t deserve one. But would Jane Parson get to find an excuse that justified not paying the fine?

Jane happened to be taking care of something in front of her own home. She had recently baked a few cakes and other treats to sell at a fundraiser that was being held at a riding club. But something went wrong as she was loading the baked goods and cakes. She dropped everything and left her car. So why did she do that? She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but she had no other option.

Poor Jane was suddenly struck with an urgent need to evacuate her stomach, and she had no choice but to make a run for it. All she knew right then and there was that she needed a toilet, fast. She knew she had parked in an illegal area, so she had two choices that were just as bad. One is really gross, and the other one is the most, how do we put it…hygienic and clean one!

Jane was in such a desperate rush to get to the bathroom that she decided to leave her car as it was, and run inside the house. When she got back, she found the parking ticket. Jane absolutely understood why she got a ticket, but she felt like she didn’t really have much of a choice, now did she? So she decided to get creative and write a hilarious letter.

The witty 53-year-old woman got hands on and started to craft the perfect letter. She addressed it to the local police station, the Wiltshire Council’s Parking Services, and in it, she proceeded to explain what happened to her in the form of a poem. But that’s not all! Her poem actually rhymed and the hilarious epicness of her letter ended up making people laugh all across the world.

Jane’s letter read: “Dear Sir, or to whom it may concern, A parking fine I did earn I was parked outside my house on yellow lines Intending to move and dodge your fines. But on Sunday, I was loading my car With food and cakes for a horseshow; not far Before these events, I get a nervous tum For the toilet, I had to run. And with not a moment to lose I made it indoors to release my poos! I couldn’t move until all was done But when I returned the fine was done. I thought it better to be discreet And leave the car parked in the street. Next time I’ll move and not be a pain, But if I get caught short, I’ll s*** in the drain.”

Jane couldn’t believe what happened next. The cops decided to respond in their own way. Not only did they totally understand why Jane did what she did, but they made their message rhyme as well: “It’s difficult to know the truth And quite often we would ask for proof But the photographs the officer has taken Shows that indeed, you had been baking So on this occasion, we are pleased to say The council accept your appeal, you do not have to pay.”

Much To Jane’s surprise, her swift and hilarious poem helped her get out of a parking fine. She told the BBC that she was simply dumbfounded when she realized she “got out of the fine, even though I was parked in the wrong place.” What’s funny is everything took place on the street where she lived. Ironically, the street is named “Butts Road.” Let that sink in!

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