Dying Girl’s Final Wish Was To Hold A Little Kitten.

Dying Girl’s Final Wish Was To Hold A Little Kitten. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Animals are capable of showing compassion in a way that puts humans to shame. It is still difficult to comprehend the true intensity of their emotions, unless of course you have had the honour of having a creature in your life. Animals are an integral part of our lives. Studies have shown the emotional and physical benefits people experience when they have a pet to love, cuddle, and even talk to.Kylie is an animal lover who felt it was only natural to have a kitten in her life. The family was apprehensive at first, since they already had four pets. But everyone loved Smiley Kylie and wanted to do their best to grant her wish. So, her father contacted Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

The shelter had been waiting for Dolly to be adopted. “We got her healthy and she was waiting on her forever home when we got a very sad call, a beautiful little girl named Kylie had cancer and right when they thought the treatment would be complete and she would be getting better, it came back,” Angels Among Us Pet Rescue revealed.

The moment Kylie saw Eliza, her eyes shone, her lips broadened, and face looked happy. It was also love at first sight for Eliza, also known as Liza, as she cuddled with Kylie continuously for the next two and a half days. The kitty had her paws on Kylie’s shoulder and barely left her side. The others would try to play with the fur ball, or pick her up, but she would jump right back in with Kylie. The two shared an indefinable bond.

Kylie had plans for her beloved humans and Eliza. She knew her time was near, she requested her family to take care of the kitty, and give her a fur-ever home. Everyone thought that being with Kylie, during her last days, was Eliza’s life goal. They later realized that it was not the only role she was going to play.

After Kylie passed away, Eliza would curl up into Robin’s arms like she did with her beloved daughter. “I’ve never experienced a pet, particularly a cat that is so in tune to what we need,” Robin emotionally explains. Eliza has never been just a pet to them, she is family and even more than that she is a thread that connects the mother and her deceased daughter.

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