The Hubble Telescope Revisited An Old Friend…Her Beauty Is Overwhelming.

The Hubble Telescope Revisited An Old Friend…Her Beauty Is Overwhelming. January 7, 2017

In 1995, [NASA][1]’s Hubble Space Telescope captured an infamous photo that has captured the imagination of many people and question our place in the vast universe. The “Pillars of Creation” is an image of three column formations suspended in space made up of cold gas, ultraviolet light and clusters of new, enormous stars. The elephant tusk-looking formations are located in the Eagle Nebula or M16 region, roughly 6,500 light years away. The “Pillars of Creation” has given more reason for star-gazers to look up at the night sky. The photo has been used in television, film, and apparel. To mark the 25th anniversary of when the picture was taken, Hubble has taken a new snapshot with near-infrared light, allowing it to capture what is beyond the dust and gas. More was discovered the second time around. As stars are being created within the pillars themselves, it appears, at the very top of the columns, material is evaporating away from extreme heat. The newest shot also shows a ‘jet-like feature’ that may indicate the formation of a new star. The images provide a glimpse into what astronomers believe was the way in which our sun was born, from a cluster of starts causing massive ionized radiation to a supernova. Regardless of the scientific explanation behind the images, there is no doubt that they further stir our curiosity about what is beyond our planet, thousands and even millions of light years away. [1]: http://www.nasa.gov/