This Woman’s Intricate Back Tattoo Is Not What It Appears To Be.

This Woman’s Intricate Back Tattoo Is Not What It Appears To Be. March 19, 2020

When you look at this photo, you might see a blonde woman looking away from you. She’s got her hair tied back, she’s wearing a blue dress, and has a stunning tattoo that looks like a work of art. But there’s so much more to this image than you can imagine. If anything, looks can be deceiving, and it certainly is in this case. Just ask Agnieszka Nienartowicz, a young Polish artist who is the mastermind behind this beautifully intricate tattoo that speaks for itself. There’s something special about this work of art that is both contemporary and unbelievably gorgeous. You really should grab a magnifying glass and a chair so you can truly enjoy the delicate details of this woman’s tattoo.As far as tattoos go, this one has so much detail that you almost want to grab a magnifying glass and a chair and enjoy every intricate detail on a tattoo that seriously stands out.

We can only imagine how badly the tattoo artist’s hand must have hurt by the time they were done inking this. It certainly couldn’t have been done in an hour and no one knows this better than Agniezska Nienartowicz who created this superb design. But there’s so much more to this tattoo than meets the eye.

Nienartowicz felt that humans and their actions are a contradiction in terms in many ways. While humanity claim to want to do good things, they end up doing horrible things sometimes. Nienartowicz wanted to capture that turmoil and how evil inspires people to sin, almost as if it were encoded into the fiber of our beings.

The woman with the tattoo is an elaborate oil painting made by Agnieszka Nienartowicz, who had graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Gdansk a few years ago, and boy, does she have mad skills!

Nienartowicz chose Hieronymous Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” as a tattoo because she was fascinated by the inner conflict of mankind and she felt that this 15th century painting was a great way to express her message through art.

This particular piece not only pays tribute to the old masters like Bosch, but also allows her to continue to grow as an artist by giving and old context like “The Garden” a sort of new life through her artwork.