If You See A Rubber Band On Your Door It Could Spell Trouble, Here’s Why…

If You See A Rubber Band On Your Door It Could Spell Trouble, Here’s Why… June 21, 2018

It’s the middle of the night, and you’re just about to completely fall away into a sound sleep. Suddenly, from downstairs, you hear a loud, aggressive knock at your door. Thinking it must be a mistake, you turn over and try to rest — but the knocking persists. You’re home alone, and you’re not sure what to do: Should you open the door and see if someone needs help? Or should you continue to ignore the situation until it goes away. If you do decide to open the door, what are the risks? This terrifying story definitely makes the case for not opening the door — but not for the reasons you might think. When one woman was disturbed by incessant knocking, she decided to wait until the offending knocker went away. When she was sure the coast was clear, she went outside to investigate. What she found will send a chill down your spine — and make you think twice about answering the door for a stranger.She ignored the knock because she was home alone, and had an uneasy feeling about who might be on the other side.

She crept around the first floor of her house, eventually looking outside of her front door. It was then that she found an elastic band covering her door lock and handle.

The answer is scarier than you think, and totally unexpected.

This technique is used by many professional thieves to ensure they unhinge they get inside the moment you unlock the door. The pressure created by the band means they don’t have to wait for you to turn the handle.

For starters, if it’s a weird time of day or night and you don’t know the person, you might want to ignore the knocking.

Not everything is as it seems, so you’ve got to be extra careful to protect yourself.