15 Striking Photos That Prove Freckles Are Gorgeous.

15 Striking Photos That Prove Freckles Are Gorgeous. January 14, 2018

London-based photographer Brock Elbank has done it again. Elbank gained a loyal following for his work capturing some of the world’s most admirable beards in #Project60 as part of the fight against melanoma, and has now turned his focus onto another distinctive feature: #Freckles. It all started in 2012 with his friend’s son Eddie, who Brock had described as “a great-looking character” mainly because his face was conspicuously covered in freckles. Elbank was based in Sydney at the time. The project gained momentum when he returned to the UK in mid-2015. To date, he has photographed around 90 subjects. With a goal of 150 unique portraits, the series is scheduled for completion in 2017 and will be exhibited through Michael Reid in Sydney and Berlin. Response has been overwhelmingly positive. A number of supporters have responded on Facebook and Instagram with details of their own experiences being bullied for their freckly faces, and while it probably wasn’t the intention, the images have also triggered a wave of freckle envy. Just as Elbank’s #Project60 has raised awareness for melanoma, it is with high hopes that #Freckles will help promote the beauty of diversity. **Each portrait is treated to a meticulous editing process that can take up to four hours, and the results are astounding — Elbank makes every freckle count. View his progress here:**