Little Feline Born Without Elbow Joints Flourished Into A Completely Unrecognizable Furry Cat.

Little Feline Born Without Elbow Joints Flourished Into A Completely Unrecognizable Furry Cat. January 10, 2019

Everyone is perfect in their own way. In the past, an animal’s physical limitation meant the creature would have to be euthanized rather than helped. What some may see as a sign of weakness, for others that is the only life they know and still rise above it.The shelter welcomed the kittens with open arms. The staff noticed there was something different about Roo. According to Marnie Russ, co-founder of the National Kitten Coalition, “She was considerably smaller than her siblings and the staff at the shelter noticed she was walking weird.”

Russ, who specializes in caring for special needs, neonates, and critical care for kittens, took Roo home to foster her. It was love at first sight for the two as they adored each other as soon as they met.

Despite her disability, she never gave up. She learned to use her hind legs to help her while walking.

Just like any other kitten, this tiny fluff ball was equally playful, lively, and mischievous. Russ said, “Her disability has not held her back from breaking things.”

It was evident that Roo captured Russ’s heart the moment they met. The bond between the two was such that Russ adopted Roo. “There was never a question. I couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving. She’s so sweet. She’s pretty amazing,” she says.

“She has learned to use her front legs like a normal kitty would, so if you didn’t know her story you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her, except when she walks she is shorter in the front,” says Russ.

Roo can easily empathize with the other fosters as she entered her home as a foster as well. She understands their fear and that’s why she showers rescues with love.

“Her purr is so massive and all you have to do is look at her and she starts to purr,” says Russ proudly.

“She has been successful in helping raise thousands of dollars for the organization that helped save her, the National Kitten Coalition.”

She adores her canine buddy, Skeeter, and wants to be with the rescue babies that Russ brings in as fosters. She meets and welcomes everybody.