20 Examples That Prove Old People Are The Best Thing About Facebook.

20 Examples That Prove Old People Are The Best Thing About Facebook. March 29, 2020

There are loads of things that the older generation doesn’t understand about us whippersnappers, but Facebook isn’t one of them. The following photos were posted on a Reddit thread that shows what the elderly have been up to on the popular social media platform. In fact, many of them are totally confused about how the whole thing works. But it makes us love the elderly even more because they’re so adorable as they try to figure out how this confusingly technological world works. This leads to a lot of confusion, antics, and misunderstandings that will have you laughing. After you read this, you’ll probably want to reach for your phone and call your grandparents. But you should try messaging them on Facebook. It’s ten times more delightful.Isn’t he adorable? Why didn’t anyone explain to him that you can use the zoom feature to magnify.

Reddit’s is excited, but all her friends care about is this guy named Michael!

It only takes a second for someone to misunderstand the meaning.

Ken learned that you have to be very specific if you don’t want to confuse the heck out of your daughter.

Of course, grandma has a nice way of being both sarcastic and loving at the same time with her reply.

But this nana is concerned about a bigger threat: cheese. I mean, she’s got a point, doesn’t she?

This Reddit user showed us how his grandmother supported the March For Our Lives. Clever!

In a galaxy far, far away, this granny is clueless about the difference between Yoda and a Hobbit.

This could have saved this Redditor’s grandmother the shock of her life.

This person’s uncle is a real hoot! He may be getting older and wiser, but he hasn’t lost his humor.

Facebook is looking an awful lot like Snapchat. Plus, kudos on that awesome ceiling fan post.

Hey, at least it’s a lovely photo, and you get some useful info on where to buy some affordable flip-flops.

You have to love her for thinking someone asked if she knew how to post and not if she had the recipe.

Who knew you could get into so much trouble simply by posting a photo of a blue Eggo waffle?

Would the gunshots have been any less acceptable at a different time? Was it past your bedtime?

Clearly, daylight savings time is so baffling that it totally confused this lady when she read this headline.

Uncle Tony died? Maybe she doesn’t know that “LOL” means laughing out loud.

This person got jabbed by humor, but they didn’t get it, and decided it’d be best to unfollow the post.

Whatever you do, you can’t make him so don’t even try, even though he did without realizing it.

Mary has lots of pent up anger and she’s letting folks know how she feels about the dearly departed.