Mysterious Gift To A Shelter Meant That Every Animal Found A Forever Home.

Mysterious Gift To A Shelter Meant That Every Animal Found A Forever Home. January 13, 2019

The Forsyth Humane Society in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is like most animal shelters around the country. They perform a good (and needed) service to the community but they run mostly on donations. The funding for these types of places is very hard to come by and the government normally turns a blind eye to them. It’s a case of they want them, they need them, and they admit they do a great service, but they don’t want to help them. In normal situations the funding is little to none. Whenever a donor comes forward and makes a donation, it’s always appreciated because these staff members are experts at making the most of any money they have to help these animals. They help them get healthy again and interview potential parents to find the animals the best possible home. But everything costs money, something they never seem to have enough of. Just before Christmas, an anonymous donor left $5,000 for the shelter and they put the money to great use. They used it to cover the adoption fees for their current residents. It took about five days, but eventually they found a good home for every single animal that was in the shelter. That’s not something that happens very often. They still don’t know who the donor was, but it was a very welcome Christmas gift for everyone involved, including the animals that were placed in great new homes. You can learn more about the Forsyth Humane Society on Facebook.