She Drank An Energy Drink At The Beach, What Happened Afterwards Is Heartbreaking.

She Drank An Energy Drink At The Beach, What Happened Afterwards Is Heartbreaking. July 27, 2018

Though any untimely death is tragic, there are certain things that are part of an “acceptable” narrative when it comes to these heartbreaking situations. For instance, if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol and has an overdose, the pain is just as great as any other death — but in a way, we can wrap our heads around it more easily, because we know those substances are dangerous in the first place. But what happens when a death is caused by something that’s considered “safe” — so safe, in fact, that it’s sold in grocery stores and even marketed specifically to young people? How can we possibly accept and understand that? That’s what’s at stake in this story, about a young girl who passed away at a tragically young age, simply for consuming something that most of us have at least tried a few times. Find out what doctors are saying killed her — and what you can do to help her grieving family — in the story below.She was 14 years old, and she was vacationing with a few friends and their parents on the beach.

But in Mexico, she made a choice that would cost her everything.

Lanna mysteriously went into cardiac arrest on the beach, despite the fact that she’d had no previous health issues. Tragically, she died as a result.

That’s when they learned the shocking truth: Lanna hadn’t had any water the day of her death, and all she was drinking was Red Bull.

According to experts, it’s the high levels of caffeine and sugar in these kinds of energy drinks that can lead to some pretty serious outcomes.

“There is medical evidence that these things do harm, they can cause changes in the heart rhythm, and impact blood pressure,” he said in an interview.

That addiction, combined with the lack of water in a day full of hot son, lead to her cardiac arrest and ultimately, her death.

Other drinks, like Starbucks specialty coffees, have ridiculous quantities of caffeine and sugar as well.

They hope to educate others on the dangers of consuming too much sugar and caffeine.

They were having difficulty getting the permits and funds they needed to transport her body back to the states, adding another tragic layer to this already heartbreaking story.